The Polite Pig

This is not your Dad’s BBQ (more on that later)! The Polite Pig at Disney Springs calls itself “modern BBQ” and I would definitely agree with that. If you tend to enjoy adventure in your BBQ, this place is probably for you. In Oklahoma, we like our BBQ sweet, it’s not too spicy, mmmmm… Sorry, back to the article. The Polite Pig is not a typical BBQ, sure it has many of the same foods, but they have a coffee rub on their brisket!!!! Coffee!!!

If that just made your mouth water, or if made you curious, then you probably want to give it a try!

Polite Pig

Walt Disney World quick service has come a long way recently. Quick-service used to mean burgers and fries, but not anymore. There are fries on The Polite Pig menu (but their BBQ Waffle Fries) but there isn’t a burger on the whole menu.

What to Expect

When you enter the Polite Pig you’ll notice that it looks like a industrial warehouse. The ventilation pipes are exposed and there is a lot of open space. There is a bar (which is where Dad ate) and both indoor and outdoor seating.

Since this is quick-service you order at the counter. From the counter you can see the smoker where all the meats are cooked. You can even see the kitchen where the food is being made. Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, Chicken (MMMMM. . . ) among other items are available, but they are a little fancier than standard BBQ. The Disney site calls it, “New twists on local favorites.”

The beer, wine, cocktails, and bourbon bar menus give a lot of options as well.


The Polite Pig is located in the Town Center and near the entrance to the Lime Garage.

Lunch & Dinner

Breakfast is not served and the lunch and dinner menus are exactly the same. If you want to see what the Polite Pig is cooking, check out the menu. 

Advance Dining Reservations

This is a quick-service restaurant and Advance Dining Reservations are not required or accepted. However, it does get pretty busy here so if you’re going during main meal times, expect to wait for a table.

The Disney Dining Plan

Even though this is a quick-service restaurant, it is not cheap. If you are on the Disney Dining Plan this is a great use of your quick-service credit!

Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad prefers the BBQ that he’s used to. You know, the sweet and not too spicy type from Oklahoma. I didn’t dislike the Polite Pig, but it wasn’t the flavors that I’m used to. Check out my video and written review here.

While the Polite Pig might be a bit too “modern” for Dad’s tastes, that doesn’t mean it won’t be the perfect BBQ joint for yours!