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The Hundred Dollar Breakfast

Only at Walt Disney World …

Mrs. Mom and I are usually pretty frugal. When we get breakfast, it’s usually pretty cheap. We can eat at McDonalds (we like McDonalds breakfast) for under $10. So when we started tallying up the bill from our Donald’s Safari Breakfast we were shocked to see the total. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!! 10,000 pennies. Ten breakfast’s at McDonalds all gone in one fail swoop.

The Hundred Dollar Breakfast?

I know you must be asking just how I came up with the $100 total. Yes, it does seem a bit high, but hold on. All will become clear shortly.

Mrs. Mom and I awakened the day at Tusker House this morning. We fought the crowds to get to our 8:05 reservation.

I’ve got to talk to the guy that planned this trip. We got to educate him on how to plan a day. You never get start with breakfast in a park. That’s just not a great way to start a day.

We were stopped by the rope drop. There were a ton of people waiting.

A big crowd at the rope drop at Animal Kingdom

The Rope Drop Crowd was out of control

When we arrived at Tusker House, we were herded into a line to get our picture made with Donald. Whooopee! Donald got Mrs. Mom laughing by kissing her hand. We took the picture and went in to eat. We were seated and our server came quickly to our table with a pitcher of Jungle Juice. She explained what was in the juice and asked what we wanted to drink.

Mrs. Mom picked up the Jungle Juice and took a sip. (Dad is not a morning juice person so I wasn’t about to take the first drink.) She said it was pretty good so I took a sip. WOW. That was good. It may have been the best thing I tasted today (and we went to ‘Ohana this evening.) I drank 3 glasses and wondered if I could get some shipped home.

We grazed through the buffet. We talked to Donald and Daisy. We ate some more and then it happened. A nice young lady approached our table and asked if we’d like to buy the pictures with Donald? Can we see them? Of course. I don’t know what came over me, but I bought the $27 photo package. What’s wrong with me. The bill was something like $60 ish dollars. Of course I left a nice tip and before you know it, we had a $100 breakfast. What’s up with that?

The breakfast was OK, but nothing to write home about (except for the Jungle Juice). But $100? No more character meals until the kids have kids.

Dad’s Tusker House page

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  1. My husband and I were almost in the same boat as you on our last trip. Only, it was at Chef Mickey’s. When you check in for your reservation, they give you a slip of paper and point you towards the area to get photos taken. But here is where we differed from you. We knew that the characters come to your table. So there was no reason to take the picture with Mickey before our meal since we knew we would not ge buying the photos anyway. So instead of heading for the picture taking area, we sat on the sofa just next to it. We were waiting only a few minutes when we got called for our table. So, we were able to get our pictures with the characters without the hassle from the picture sellers coming to our table during breakfast. After all, there is nothing saying you HAVE TO get the professional photo taken 🙂

  2. I just saw this in the Disney Food Blog and thought I would share. You can also get a frozen Jungle Juice at Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Popcorn kiosk, which is just outside of the Tusker House.

  3. Just one question: why are you recommending never to start with breakfast in a park? I’m planning next year trip, and deciding on paying for the Disney Dining Plan and the PhotoPass+ and fit as many character meals as possible, and was suggested to do the Tusker House breakfast…

    1. Post

      Hi Lucila, great question.

      The reason I discourage eating breakfast in the parks is touring time. Mornings are the slowest times of the day crowd wise. You can see more attractions in the first two hours in the morning than you can in 4 hours in the afternoon. It is a tough balance. The character meals are great. I do recommend you try them out. But just know while you are sitting at breakfast all the lines are getting longer and longer.

      Hope that helps,
      Carl (Dad) Trent

  4. Thanks Dad, I see it now… We will have to think about getting an early breakfast time. We are planning to go on September that I understand is not so crowded, so we will see… If we decide not to go with the Dining Plan and Photopass+ we surely won’t plan anything for the mornings.

    1. Post

      September is a different story (unless the Free Dining thing shows up next week). Crowds will be small enough that you shouldn’t have any problems with lines except the middle of the afternoons. I know you’ll have a great time.

  5. For 2013 here in Argentina they are already announcing free dining… i’m planning sep 2014 ( a bit in advance, hehe), hope we will see something like that…

  6. Many many years ago (aeons ago-so long ago computerized reservation systems had just started-gasp!) I was a travel agent. I used to advise folks who were going in Summer, if at all possible, to eat breakfast-especially if they had a refrigerator) in their hotel room. Why? because when you get to the Park in the summer, it’s the best part of the day to see things, and breakfast takes up that precious time. Now it’s all about priorities, but when we go, we either have coffee, cereal and milk in our room, and then later get a snack and a nice lunch to take a break in the heat of the day-or we get up super early and eat breakfast…that way we can spend time touring before it gets too hot!
    Thanks Dad!

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  7. Hey Dad,

    Family and I are coming Mid-August. We have a morning breakfast reservation for Hollywood and Vine with Disney Junior characters. Good choice? And what are crowds like that time of year?

    1. Post


      Hollywood and Vine with Disney Jr. characters is a great choice. Mid-August is kinda tricky. That’s the transition period from the summer crowds to the fall crowds. The later in the month the smaller the crowds, but anytime after the first week crowds will be manageable.

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