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The BEST Snacks at Walt Disney World

by Dad
(The Office)

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What are the BEST snacks at Walt Disney World? Mmmm. Let me think. This is going to be Simple! Might even be Fun! and who knows, there might be a little Magic too!

Let’s start with my favorite snack at Walt Disney World. Can you guess?

Dad’s Favorite Snack is a Dole Whip

The best snack at Disney World is a Dole Whip and we had one every day

A Dole Whip a Day – Photos by Dad himself

Yep, that’s it. A big ole honkin’ Dole Whip is the BEST snack at Walt Disney World. No question. In fact, I can’t wait to go down to Walt Disney World next week and have a Dole Whip, or three.

Mrs. Mom and I went to Walt Disney World back in November. We were there for six days and we had five Dole Whips. We missed the last day. We had planned to get one, but our plans kind of got interrupted in the evening, so we didn’t get our Dole Whip the last day. A Dole Whip a day keeps the doctor away. That’s kind of my saying. I came up with it. (Pats himself on the back.)

Dad’s Aloha Isle (home of the Dole Whip) page

Mickey Pretzel

A Mickey Pretzel, one of the best snacks at Disney World

Number 2 is a Mickey Pretzel – Photo by Stephanie Shuster

Dad’s number two snack is a Mickey pretzel. This may be the most filling of the snacks at Walt Disney World. It’s almost a meal. I just love to pull the ears off those things. Where do you start when eating a Mickey pretzel? You start with the ears, right? Just like on a Mickey bar you start with the ears. Yummy.

There’s no better snack in the middle of the afternoon when you have the munchies. Grab a Mickey pretzel and life is good.

Items at the Festivals

The Canada food booth at the Food and Wine Festival

This is where Dad gets a bunch of snacks – Photo by Andy Sanchez

Next comes snack items from the Festivals. Disney has gone totally crazy with Festivals at EPCOT. It all started with the Food and Wine Festival. Then they added food booths to the Flower and Garden Festival. Last year, food booths were added to the Festival of the Arts and also special food items are now at Festival of the Holidays (formerly Holidays Around the World). Whew.

The food booths all have small snack like items. My favorite “snack” at the Food and Wine Festival is the steak at the Canada booth. It’s soooooooo good! We went in November and tried to eat our way around the world, but there’s no way we could have tried all 50 booths. We gave it the old college try, and did some major damage but we didn’t get to all of them.

We’re going to the Festival of the Arts next week and to the Flower and Garden Festival in May. It’s research. Dad takes one for the team.

Les Halles

Number four is … I’m going to do this for Mrs. Mom, because she just loves this. Crème brûlée at Les Halles. Now you might say, “What is Les Halles? Where is Les Halles?” It’s that goodies place in France. The full name is Les Halles Boulangerie Paitisserie. It’s actually pronounced “lay all”

At Les Halles, they’ve got great crème brûlée. But they’ve got all kinds of snack items. For me, it’s probably something like a chocolate eclair, or something like that. I can go in there and I can just dream. I gain five pounds walking in the door of that place. They just have so many good items. Stephanie, my assistant, this morning was talking about this bread thing that had bacon in the dough that they sell. I’ve got to get one of those.

The Mickey Bar

Dad eating a Mickey Bar one of his favorite snacks

Yep, Dad likes a Mickey Bar (surprised it still has 2 ears) – Photo by Mrs. Mom

Number five, everyone has to have a Mickey bar, at least once. I love my Mickey bar. I eat at least one every trip. If I could get them at home, I’d weigh four hundred pounds.

The Mickey bar is the perfect marriage of chocolate and ice cream. I like vanilla ice cream but not by itself and adding a coating of just the right taste of chocolate. Dark chocolate. Yummy!

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Dad’s Bottom Line

There are hundreds of really good snack items around Walt Disney World and a lot of them are just fabulous. We could chat all day about snacks around the world, but I’d love to know what you think. What are your favorite snacks at Walt Disney World? Go ahead and tell us right down in the comments. I can’t wait to see what you like best.


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May 02, 2019 Mickey Bar
by: Trish

Sorry, Dad, but Mickey Bars can now be found in certain grocery stores. I’ll have to find them and tell you where.

Dad Answers

I’ve seen them. Just started. Limited time only (which could mean weeks or could mean years.)

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