The Best Activities for Kids of Every Age at Disneyland’s Pixar Fest

We’re sharing the best Pixar Fest activities for kids (and kids at heart) of all ages so you can plan plenty of family-friendly fun during your Disneyland visit.

Eye-catching, brightly-hued decor around every corner; your favorite Pixar pals available to meet, greet, and dance with; delicious food and drinks – Pixar Fest is back at Disneyland Resort, and it’s filled with so much fun! While Pixar Fest is designed for fun at every age, you’ll find that visiting with kids means opting for some Pixar offerings over others to maximize your experience.

Whether you’re visiting Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort with a toddler who’s tough to keep contained or older kids with varied interests, there’s a lot to see, do, and experience. Luckily, most Pixar Fest fun is designed for the whole family – but you’ll also find some key activities tailored to kids both younger and older. 

Below, I’m sharing my picks for the best activities for kids of every age during Pixar Fest 2024 to help you plan your Disneyland visit.

Pixar Fest Activities for:

Pixar Pals Playtime Party at Disneyland, Pixar Fest, Woody, Bo Peep, and Jessie
The Pixar Pals Playtime Party is filled with character fun for little ones. Photo by Abby Richardson

Infant and Toddler Activities at Pixar Fest

3 Years and Under

While you may not be able to take your infant or toddler on most attractions or stay up late enough to catch the exclusive Pixar Fest fireworks, you can head over to the Pixar Pals Playtime Party and have a whole lot of fun. This, in my opinion, is the absolute best way to spend your time during Pixar Fest at Disneyland if you have a little one who’s 3 years old or younger.

Here, you and your infant or toddler can move, groove, and check out the scenery. It’s full of bright colors, exciting music, and even bubbles (every toddler’s fave!). I love that it’s also a rare opportunity to dance with Pixar characters up close, and it is adorable to see characters groove along with kids one-on-one.

During our visit to the Pixar Pals Playtime Party, my one-year-old son was absolutely overwhelmed by all of the fun. He was captivated by the dance party (and couldn’t believe his eyes when Woody appeared!), and was wowed by characters coming down onto the dance floor to join the kids. He loved seeing the larger-than-life replica of Boo’s door from Monsters, Inc. and the Piston Cup from Cars. Best of all, though, was the Luca photo spot – here, he couldn’t get enough of the chance to “pet” Machiavelli and ring the bell on the makeshift scooter.

Overall, this is such a great place for little ones that it’s where I’d suggest spending at least an hour, more likely two if your infant or toddler can hang. With shade overhead and plenty of space to sit, it’s also a nice place to relax with the littlest guests; if you have an older child, too, they can continue to explore the party.

Pixar Pals Playtime Party, Luca photo backdrop at Pixar Fest
My son loved the interactive details on the photo backdrops at Pixar Pals Playtime Party. Photo by Abby Richardson

Preschooler Activities at Pixar Fest

3 to 5 Years Old

Parents of preschoolers, I’ve got great news: The Pixar Pals Playtime Party is designed with you in mind. While I mentioned above how amazing it is for infants and toddlers, it’s really tailored for the 3-to-5 age set, and they will absolutely have a blast exploring every corner of Disneyland’s Fantasyland Theatre. 

At the Pixar Pals Playtime Party, preschoolers can join in guided, step-by-step dances led by Cast Members as well as beloved Pixar characters like Woody, Buzz, and Jessie or Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, and Frozone. The dance party is lively and designed to get those wiggles out (and it’s a great place to let out all of that trapped-in-the-stroller energy), and it’ll have little ones bopping around excitedly.

During my time at the party, I noticed that preschoolers were particularly captivated by the dance party above all else. However, if your little one prefers characters one-on-one – or even likes arts and crafts – they’ll enjoy heading over to the different backdrops where characters appear. Even when the characters aren’t around, they’ll love checking out the props.

Plus, you’ll also find shady space here to sit down and relax while your kids dance away the afternoon. If you need a bit of a break, consider the Pixar Pals Playtime Party a great alternative to Mickey’s Toowntown; you’ll find plenty of space to sit, and there are some quieter corners in the theater if kids need a cool down.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit some of the preschooler-friendly attractions, too! Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and Turtle Talk with Crush are especially fun for the under-5 set, and they may also be up for a spin on rides like Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree and Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters. 

Arts and Crafts, Pixar Pals Playtime Party at Pixar Fest
The Luca-themed arts and crafts during Pixar Fest are a great low-key activity. Photo by Heather Adams

School-Age Activities at Pixar Fest

5 to 10 Years Old

If you’re headed to Pixar Fest with a kid between the ages of 5 and 10 years old, good news: This is a prime age to enjoy pretty much everything at the celebration! From riding Pixar-themed attractions in both Disneyland and California Adventure (like Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind and Toy Story Midway Mania!) to meeting characters, there’s a lot they’ll have a blast experiencing.

I suggest heading over to the Pixar Pals Playtime Party to help school-age kids burn off some energy after waiting in line during the day. Here, they can choose to dance (with their favorite Pixar characters!), explore the different themed areas (including the larger-than-life props from A Bug’s Life), and even sit on the benches to catch some classic Pixar short films and trivia. It offers something for kids of every speed and interest.

Oh, and don’t overlook the craft section here. Located near the Luca meet and greet spot, you’ll find tables set up for coloring, bookmark crafts, and more. It’s a great spot for kids who prefer a little quiet – or love getting artistic – to spend some time. 

Incredicoaster at California Adventure, entrance sign
The Incredicoaster is a great tween and teen attraction. Photo by Ashlee Tan

Tween Activities at Pixar Fest

10 to 12 Years Old

Tweens can either be all in on a day of family fun at Disneyland, or they can want to try more “grown up” and teen-leaning fun. No matter which category your tween falls into, the 10-and-up crowd will find a lot to enjoy throughout both theme parks during Pixar Fest.

If your tween still loves character meet and greets, head over to Disneyland’s Pixar Pals Playtime Party. Sure, the vibes may be a bit young overall, but the number of characters they can meet – and interact with, either on the dance floor or in front of cool backdrops – is almost endless. When the dance party stops, Pixar shorts play onscreen, and there are plenty of shady spots to sit, too.

The Hollywood Backlot area of Hollywood Land in California Adventure (which is home to Club Pixar at night) is also a great spot for social media-loving tweens before 4:30 PM. Here, there are games, photo opportunities, and more to explore – and since it’s not too adult-leaning during the day, the whole family can hang out and have some fun easily.

Oh, and don’t forget the rides! Whether your tween loves thrills like the Incredicoaster and Radiator Springs Racers or prefers game-based attractions like Toy Story Midway Mania! And Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, both parks offer plenty of Pixar-inspired rides to try.

The entrance sign for Club Pixar at California Adventure
The Club Pixar sign welcomes guests as the sun sets. Photo by Heather Adams

Teen Activities at Pixar Fest

12 to 18 Years Old

Teens can be tough to find activities for simply because they may not be as engaged in family fun as they used to. And, depending on their mood, they may or may not be thrilled about spending time in areas designed for younger kids – they may be all about the coasters and other thrills found at Disneyland and California Adventure.

However, Pixar Fest still offers plenty for teens to do. One of the best activities is Club Pixar, which kicks off at 4:30 PM each day. The Hollywood Backlot area in California Adventure’s Hollywood Land transforms into a vibrant nighttime party, featuring a DJ who keeps the party upbeat as well as photo opportunities (and plenty of TikTok-worthy opportunities for social media-loving teens!).

Club Pixar is also a great place for teens to wander around freely. They can hang out at the Short Stop Theater, where Pixar short films play continuously, and sit in some vintage car-inspired seats. There are games, for teens who want to get a little competitive. And there’s plenty of themed food and a few nonalcoholic drink concoctions to try, too.

Pixar Fest Activities for All Ages

Whether you’re headed to Disneyland Resort with kids of varying ages who all have different interests or can’t decide what you want to focus on during your Pixar Fest experience, I’m highlighting the must-do activities for kids of all age groups below.

Better Together: A Pixar Pals Parade at Pixar Fest, Disneyland, Mike Wazowski on finale float
Catch Mike from Monsters, Inc. in the finale of “Better Together: A Pixar Pals Parade” at California Adventure. Photo by Abby Richardson

Character Meet and Greets

Okay, what age group doesn’t love meeting characters at Disney theme parks? I mean, if you’re visiting the parks, odds are you’re going to want to meet at least one… and even the most skeptical preschoolers or overwhelmed school-age kids are wowed by the experience.

Pixar Fest 2024 features some pretty awesome meet and greet opportunities, including both brand-new characters who’ve never appeared in Disneyland Park or California Adventure before. From Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible appearing in their original super suits for the very first time to appearances by Wade and Ember from Elemental and Luca and Alberto from Luca, you can catch a whole host of limited-time characters out and about.

One of the can’t-miss characters is Dug, who’ll be roaming the area in front of Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. This is no average character appearance – Dug actually talks! He’ll chat with guests in real time, offering a truly one-of-a-kind interaction kids will love (and, let’s be honest, when I saw him, he was just so darn cute!).

Looking for characters with cool movie-themed backdrops? I suggest heading to the Pixar Pals Playtime Party. Here, my son and I were able to catch so many characters in one place! During the span of our visit, we met Ian and Barley from Onward, Carl and Russell from Up, Wade and Ember from Elemental, and Luca and Alberto from Luca.

Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration

Who doesn’t love a lively Disney parade? Over at California Adventure, Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration is one that kids of all ages will enjoy. Featuring one incredibly catchy tune and more than two dozen Pixar characters, it’s a chance for kids, tweens, and teens to catch their favorite movies coming to life. 

Whether your kids are fans of Turning Red (which kicks off the party after the opening float with one incredible cast of characters!) or your kids can’t wait to see Luca, Alberto, and Giulia from Luca in action, this parade features plenty of first-time appearances by numerous characters. Old favorites, like the Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. crews, also appear. 

Regardless of which characters you might be hoping to spot, Better Together is a parade that’s both adorable and highly engaging. My one-year-old loved the bright colors of the floats and the dancers flying past, and his mind was absolutely blown seeing so many characters up close.

Oh, and here’s a tip that’ll help make the experience more enjoyable for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers: Bring along a pair of noise-canceling headphones, just in case the music is too loud.

The only age group that might not love watching Better Together? Particularly grumpy teens may not enjoy waiting for the parade – but honestly, once it gets underway, even the most resistant viewers will have a tough time not bopping along to the music. 

Together Forever nighttime spectacular during Pixar Fest at Disneyland
Together Forever features some incredible Pixar projections. Photo by Abby Richardson

Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular

Kids of every age (and adults alike) will absolutely adore the nighttime spectacular offered only during Pixar Fest: Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular. Featuring sky-illuminating fireworks paired with some of the most iconic moments in Pixar films, plus projections of your favorite characters lining Main Street, U.S.A., it’s a wholly immersive experience. 

Plus, anyone will turn into a kid again seeing Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and the balloons carrying Carl’s house from Up fly around Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

The only age group that may not enjoy Together Forever? Infants and toddlers. Staying up until the 9:30 PM showtime will be a challenge for the youngest guests (my one-year-old, who’s a notorious night owl, couldn’t hack it!). Additionally, the crowds – and the wait to get a good viewing spot – can be especially tough on the under-3 crowd.

However, if your toddler is up for the challenge and ready to stay awake, they’ll certainly love the sight of Buzz Lightyear soaring over Sleeping Beauty Castle and the vibrant projections that accompany the show. Have a kid who doesn’t love fireworks? Head over to “it’s a small world” where the projections will be the star of the show.

If your infants, toddlers, or preschoolers are watching the show, don’t forget those noise-canceling headphones. The show can be loud for them (and many younger kids get shaken up by the fireworks explosions). As an added perk, if they fall asleep, those headphones will keep them asleep!

Thank you to Disney for hosting us during the Pixar Fest Media Preview. #PixarFest2024 #CelebratingFriendshipandBeyond