Dad’s Weekly Walt Disney World Newsletter

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Dad’s tips for affordable Disney family vacations

Affordable Disney Vacations, Magic Kingdom Park entrance monorails

Finding affordable Disney family vacations is one of Dad’s the main reasons for Dad’s site. Dad is big on saving money. A Disney World vacation is an investment in your family, but it doesn’t have to put you into bankruptcy. Here are Dad’s top 10 money saving tips for your next Disney World vacation. 10. […]

Disney Acronyms: Understanding “Disney Speak”

Dad hates Disney Acronyms, abbreviations or shortcuts or whatever you want to call them. Yes, hate is a strong word, but Dad hates them. If you’ve ever done much reading about Disney World you’ve probably come across some silly wordlet or word shortcut that drives you nuts. DME is a big one, what’s that mean? […]

Beating Disney Crowds: Our Top Tips for Easier Theme Park Visits

Beating Disney crowds at the theme parks

Beating Disney Crowds, now that’s a good idea. Crowds at Walt Disney World sure can steal the Magic from a great vacation. Let’s look at some Simple ways to beat the crowds and have some FUN! This is going to be Fun. No, not the crowds at WDW, but beating them. There’s really nothing Magic […]

Where Not to Buy Disney World Discount Tickets

Buying Disney World discount tickets is risky. You must know what you are doing. Every year hundreds of people get ripped when they buy Disney World tickets at a discount. Here are some ways you can get ripped off when looking for tickets. First is the convenience stores around Walt Disney World. Dad spent a […]

Dad’s Top 10 Tips to Avoid Disney World Crowds

Avoid Disney World crowds, rope drop at Magic Kingdom Park

I am always trying to avoid Disney World Crowds. There ought to be a law that says on the days I goes to WDW, everyone else has to stay home. If only. Since I can’t get everyone to stay home, I came up with a list of my top 10 tips for avoiding Disney World […]

The Worst Time to Visit Disney World

Beating Disney crowds at the theme parks

Around here at Dad’s Guide to WDW, we often talk about the best times to visit WDW… But, what is the worst time to visit Disney World? Let’s talk about it. When I’m asked when is the best time to visit Disney World, I usually answer, “anytime you can!”– and I fully believe that. It’s […]

Dad’s 5 Best Weeks to VisitDisney World in 2019

Cinderella Castle front angle, Magic Kingdom Park

Are you going to Walt Disney World in 2019? You might want to know when is the best time to go. Check out Dad’s Best Weeks to Visit Disney World in 2019.Dad knows. So, when is the best time to visit Walt Disney World? Dad’s Best Weeks to Visit Disney World in 2019 Here are […]

Dad’s 5 BEST Weeks to Visit Walt Disney World in 2018

Cinderella Castle front angle, Magic Kingdom Park

So when are the best weeks to visit Walt Disney World in 2018? That’s a really, really good question. Yes, Dad has the answer. Here are Dad’s top 5 weeks to go to the Most Magical Place on Earth in 2018. The Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World No, I don’t use a dart […]

Tips to Beat Magic Kingdom Crowds

Beat Magic Kingdom crowds, crowd at the theme park entrance

The Magic Kingdom is the busiest theme park in the world. Duh. It’s the best theme park in the world. Over 55 MILLION people visited the Magic Kingdom last year. So how do you avoid the crowds at the Magic Kingdom? Let’s see… The Best Time to Visit The first way to deal with Magic […]