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Disney World – Finding the perfect vehicle

Hot Rod Lincoln…Chevy Van…Little Deuce Coupe…Greased Lightning… 

Pink Cadillac…

Songs about cars. There are a lot of them out there. America has a love affair with cars. And some cars are good enough to have a song written about them.

We had a car like that.

It was the perfect travel vehicle. Never in the history of cars was a vehicle better designed for a family. If I could write poetry I’d write a song about our Beautiful Blue Dodge Grand Caravan.

It wasn’t very sexy. It was a box on wheels. But it was the perfect travel vehicle for us.

I spent weeks trying to get the perfect vehicle. I knew what I wanted. I wanted the perfect travel vehicle. It had to have all captains chairs. None of this “Dad, he’s touching me again.”

After weeks of work the dealer finally found the perfect combination. Blue with buckskin. Captains chairs. Grand Caravan. AM/FM/Cassette. Perfect.

It turned out even better than I hoped. The Man-Child took over the back seat and claimed it as his territory. He probably marked it like a dog does, but I never saw him do it. The back seat became (to this day) the Man-Child’s domain. He couldn’t reach The Princess even if he wanted to, so it was perfect for all of us.

We had the perfect vehicle. THE PLAN was coming together. It was time to start our Best Vacation Ever.

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