Star Tours – Sometimes you just get lucky

We love Star Tours. The whole family always rates this as one of our not to miss attractions. On our last trip we decided to check out Star Tours right before lunch. We knew this was likely to be a busy time, and THE PLAN was to get a FastPass and grab some lunch and ride after lunch (not always a good idea with simulator rides.)

When we got to the attraction, I walked directly to the FastPass machine and started to put our tickets in. Mrs. Mom said, why don’t we just ride the ride now?

Silly woman, THE PLAN says to get a FastPass, what part of THE PLAN don’t you understand, I didn’t say out loud, but boy that’s what I was thinking. What I actually said was Uhhh or something equally intelligent.

Mrs. Mom, seeing my obvious consternation, said the wait time says 10 minutes, don’t we want to go ahead and ride. (I married a really smart woman.) Why, yes, I said that makes all kinds of sense. Let’s go kids, we’re going to ride the ride now.

We literally walked all the way up to the front of the line. No wait at all. It was erie. It was almost like going to Universal (sorry, I couldn’t resisit).

I said all of that to say, why on a very busy day at Disney Hollywood Studios, was there no line on one of the busiest rides in the park? It bothered me the whole time we were on the ride, I bugged the Cast Members working to find out what was happening. No one knew anything.

When we came out of the ride the line was back up to an hour long. Finally I figured it out. We got in line just a couple of minutes after the Indiana Jones Stunt Show started. (I know this because we were too late to make the show.) As soon as the show ended the line for Star Tours exploded. (Star Tours is right beside Indiana Jones Stunt Show.)

The moral of this story is, crowd management is sometimes just a factor of luck.

I’d rather be lucky than good.

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