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Souvenir Saturday: Memento Mori

Today marks the very first Souvenir Saturday here at Dad’s Guide to WDW!  I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite stories about the most awesome souvenirs WDW has to offer.  Let’s get started!

Welcome, foolish mortals, to Memento Mori!

Photo by Danny McBride

Photo by Danny McBride

Over in Liberty Square, right next door to The Haunted Mansion, you can find one of the most cutting-edge, creative, and outright incredible gift shops to ever be in Walt Disney World.

I visited Memento Mori for the first time during my most recent trip to WDW (the third week of January, 2015).  After seeing numerous pictures and videos of this shop’s interior, and images of some of the merchandise offered there, I knew I was in for something special as a huge fan of The Haunted Mansion.

When I finally stepped foot inside this store, it was incomparable to the already amazing impression I’ve made of it from those pictures and videos I’ve previously seen.  Honestly, there was nothing about this store that I disliked.  Before I dove into the coolest Haunted Mansion products EVER, I was in awe of how intricately detailed this store is.  There is nothing else in Walt Disney World like it!  As if the beginning of my experience here wasn’t special enough, the fun only intensified once I started checking out all the items sold here…

First, I couldn’t resist getting my picture taken to be made into a lenticular where my face turns into that of a ghost (like the portrait of Master Gracey that you see hanging on the wall before you enter the Stretching Room).  To get this done, I first had to pay at the cashier, and then bring my receipt to a (kind of) ‘ghost host’ waiting behind a curtain in front of the store.

The woman opened the curtain and asked my girlfriend and I to take a seat in there.  I was so in awe of this entire ordeal that I didn’t even think to take a picture of the room!  There was a vintage-looking camera staring straight at me, and two thin mirrors hung on the top right and left-hand corners of the wall across from me that I was able to look at myself in.  This was all just so awesome.  The woman then turned on this camera-apparatus and those mirrors turned into extremely bright lights.  She snapped the picture in just a few seconds, and now I had to wait by a portrait of Madame Leota on the wall with a Cast Member until my lenticular picture was done being made.  Then, the Cast Member heard a “ding” from behind this wall, she opened a mailbox-like drawer in the wall (insert my “kid in a candy store” face here), and there was my picture!  This immediately became one of my all-time favorite souvenirs I have ever purchased.  Take a look…

But, my encounter with Memento Mori didn’t quite end here.  I also purchased a mug, notepad set, t-shirt, hat (my girlfriend got me this one), and a Limited Release MagicBand.

I would totally wear that MagicBand in public every day.  Come on, how cool is that?

There you have it – that just about sums up my unforgettable time spent in Memento Mori for the very first time!  Which of these items would you want to purchase for yourself the most?

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