Sounds Like Summer

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Disney loves to put on concerts. One of the best concert series of the year is the Sounds Like Summer concert series that happens in the summertime (duh) every night at EPCOT.


Just thinking about it makes Dad just want to break out in song …


Summertime, Summertime, Sum, Sum Summertime …”


(Dad sings good, you should hear him sometime.)


Sounds Like Summer Concert in EPCOT

Photo by marada

The Bands

Each summer a bunch of “tribute” bands come to EPCOT and perform each night for the Sounds Like Summer concert series. A “tribute” band is a group that plays the music of a well know band. For example, the band Hotel California plays music by the Eagles (the band that sang the song Hotel California). Here’s the list of bands scheduled to perform this summer.

2015 Schedule

  • June 7-13: DSB – A Tribute to Journey
  • June 14-20: 2U – A Tribute to U2
  • June 21-26: Mike DelGuidice & Big Shot – A Tribute Billy Joel Show
  • June 27 – July 4: Don’t Look Back – A Tribute to Boston
  • July 5-11: Fire & Ice – A Tribute to Pat Benatar
  • July 12-18: Stayin’ Alive – A Tribute to the Bee Gees
  • July 19-25: Hotel California – A Salute to the Eagles

Concerts are performed In EPCOT’s American Gardens Theater 3 times each night at 5:45, 7:15 and 8:30. (July 4 times are 5:15, 6:30, 7:45 and 9:00).

The Show

The bands will play for about 45 minutes. It’s usually a rockin show. Although they aren’t members from the original bands, the music is really good. Check it out …


Stayin’ Alive – A Tribute to the Bee Gees singing “I just want to be your everything”

These free extras that Disney adds are just amazing.

The Theater

The American Gardens Theater is located in EPCOT Future World in the America Pavilion. It sits right on the water. It’s an open air theater with a few rows of covered seating. It will hold a couple of thousand people, but the good seats fill up pretty quickly. The theater hosts shows all year around.


If you want a seat in the shade, show up early. The theater usually opens about 30 minutes before each show, but you might have to be in line an hour before depending on the group.

Check it out

If you’re interested in seeing Sounds Like Summer for yourself head on over to Dad’s Destinations to Travel page and let us help you plan the Perfect Vacation. Trust me, you’ll have a blast.


Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

One of our favorite parts of every trip is to see the entertainment in the American Gardens Theater. We love going over and relaxing and listening to good music and this is some really good music.