See the World: The World Showcase Lagoon’s Friendship Boats

It’s safe to say that the World Showcase is one of my favorite places in all of Walt Disney World.

Arguably the most special views of the World Showcase can be seen by taking a trip on one of the Friendship Boats in the World Showcase Lagoon.  Aside from the spectacular sights, this is a perfect way to relax in the middle of your day at EPCOT.

Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Photo by WDW Shutterbug

There are two routes that the Friendship Boats take.  One is to/from the World Showcase Plaza (closest to the Mexico Pavilion), and the Germany Pavilion.  The other is to/from the World Showcase Plaza (closest to the Canada Pavilion), and the Morocco Pavilion.

The Friendship Boats begin running here at 11:00am, the time that the World Showcase opens.  The final boats depart each night from the World Showcase Plaza docks at 7:15pm, while the final boats at the Morocco and Germany Pavilions leave at 7:30pm.

When I’m on a Friendship Boat, I love to ride in the back of the boat’s outdoor seating area.  The breeze is so calming, and the photo-opportunities you get are simply incredible!  Have you sat out there yet?

After a day of exploring, eating, and excitement around the world, what better way to unwind with your family and friends than on a Friendship Boat ride in the World Showcase lagoon?

This months WDW Magazine is full of information about the transportation options at Walt Disney World. You might just want to check it out.

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