Come on boys and girls, grab your pizza gun, we’re going on a Pizzafari. Yes, that’s right boys and girls today we are going to be hunting one of the … well it’s not exactly elusive … it’s not exactly endangered … to be honest, it’s just about everywhere, but we’re going pizza hunting anyway.


Pizzafari EntranceWalk through the doors of Pizzafari to go on a journey for delicious pizza! Photo by Cliff Wang


Yes, the name is pretty silly, but this restaurant serves a lot of pizzas, and who wouldn’t want to go on a Pizzafari?


With pizza, ceasar salads, and even family-style dining experiences, if you are in the mood for pizza, you’ve come to the right place!


Pizza at Pizzafari

Do you get this excited when your pizza arrives? Photo by Brett Svenson

What to Expect

The mosaics on the walls of Pizzafari have me singing like Timon, “In the Jungle, the mighty jungle,” Dad sings good.


As usual, Disney has outdone themselves in theming this restaurant. Every dining room is dedicated to a different animal. Walls are covered with brightly colored murals depicting the animals. This is the only counter service restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom that has indoor, air conditioned seating. So it gets real busy real fast.


Pizzafari Cannolis

Cannolis, as part of the Family-Style dining at Pizzafari. Photo by Brett Svenson


Pizzafari is located on Discovery Island near the walkway to Pandora – The World of Avatar, but before you get to Tiffins restaurant.


Inside Pizzafari

The mural in this room depicts animals that take their home with them whever they go. Photo by Brett Svenson


For the lunch menu click here .


The dinner menu is the same as the lunch menu except for the added option of family style dining between 5:00 – 7:00 PM.


Pizzafari Sign

The sign on the outside gives you a taste of the vibrant murals you’ll find inisde. Photo by Cliff Wang

Advanced Dining Reservations

If ordering from the regular menu an ADR is not available or required. However, if you are ordering the Family style dining you will need to make an ADR.

Dad’s Advanced Dining Reservations page


Family-Style Dining

If you’ve made a reservation for Family-Style Dining, you’ll check in at the podium. Photo by Brett Svenson

The Disney Dining Plan

Pizzafari is a quick service location and requires one quick service credit. DDP credits cannot be used for the Family Style Dining.

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page


Pasta at Pizzafari

A pasta dish, part of Family-Style Dining. Photo by Brett Svenson

Extra Fun

There are five rooms with different mosaics on the walls. Take some time and look at all of them. So, you got your ADR for the Family Style Dining at Pizzafari, that’s great! Need help planning the rest of your day at WDW? Check out our partners at Touringplans.


Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

With new family style dining, and a variety of pizza options, Pizzafari is sure to be popular with the pizza-lovers in your group!


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Disney Dining Plan

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