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Welcome to the Official Home of Palooza 2014.


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Dad, Mrs. Mom and the kids are all going back to Walt Disney World in 2014 and we want you to come along. But first we have to celebrate a bit, because every WDW trip should start with a celebration!


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What’s a Palooza

A Palooza is a big party. When Dad goes to WDW it’s always a big party, in fact, it’s a year long party. Planning a great Disney World trip takes a bit of work. Dad’s pretty good at the planning thing. So as we go through the year we’ll talk all about planning a WDW trip.


It’ll be fun. Trust me.

Palooza 2012

Bay Lake Tower picture

2012 was the last time Dad went on a Palooza. Dad and Mrs. Mom went on a 16 day Disney party including a 3 night Disney Cruise. We spent a whole year planning the trip.


You can check out all the details and even some of the pictures from we took on the 2012 trip page.


Dad goes to Disney World

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Dad and the whole family (Mrs. Mom, The Princess and her Prince Charming, The Man-Child and his Southern Belle) will be heading off to Disney World in December. In fact THE PLAN shows we’ll be there December 14 through December 20 (yes, only 7 days this time Mrs. Mom).


Every party begins with a big announcement. So here’s ours.


The entrance to Walt Disney World

First comes budgeting. Yes, no one likes budgeting, but believe it or not, Dad can make it fun.


Trust me.


Dad is overwhelmed? What’s up with that?

Making a budget for your vacation


Next we’re going to look at some recources that you’ll want to have as you start planning your trip.

Wanna Come Along?

Illuminations from Japan

Dad would love to meet you at our big party. Our partners over at Destinations to Travel have put together some really nice packages so you can join us.


What’s a party without fireworks? Dad is going to throw a big Fireworks Dessert Party during the Palooza. Details will be coming later, but right now we’re hoping to all get together on December 15 at EPCOT. We’ll have one of those private party areas where you can meet Dad and some of his Crazy WDW friends. It’ll be fun. Trust me.


Give Dreams Come True a shout today and tell them Dad sent you.


Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The next few months are going to be fun. Trust me. Make sure to check back here often.

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