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One is the loneliest number

Yes it was a great Three Dog Night song. Listen to Dad sing it…

“One is the loneliest number that you ever knew…”

Dad sings so good. You should hear it.

So, Dad, does this have a point, or are you just in the mood to sing old songs?

Both actually, but since you asked…

Going to Disney World without the family was not a lot of fun. Walt Disney World was made to be shared. Everywhere you look there is a couple strolling hand in hand, or a family talking about the next day, or a child curled up on moms lap taking a nap.

Dad rode in the monorail over to EPCOT with 2 families that were vacationing together. It was adorable how the moms kept taking pictures of the kids (in the dark, in the monorail) while the dads tried to catch a nap. This is what Disney World is all about. Spending an exhausting day at the parks with your friends. It’s precious.

It’s also why Dad will probably never go back by himself.

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