My Favorite Pavilion in World Showcase

Hey Yall! World Showcase is a very interesting part of Walt Disney World. It used to not be very kid friendly, but that has changed that with Agent P challenge. Back when I was a kid, it was not really fun. No really fun rides, lots of boring shows, and waiting. With maturity and time I have learned to appreciate World Showcase.

The World Showcase all lit up

Such beautiful colors – Photo by Samantha Decker

There are 11 pavilions at World Showcase. Each one has something different to offer. Each one represents a country and the heritage and culture that go along with that country. Some offer rides and shows while others offer great shopping and restaurants.

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Another added bonus in World Showcase is that most of the Cast Members are from the country they are working in. This makes them an expert on the country and able to answer lots of guests’ questions and offer a genuine experience.

My favorite pavilion is the Japan pavilion. Many of you who have been and read the blog are trying to figure out why this is. Japan does not have a ride or a movie, so what is there to do there? Well, I am here today to tell you the best kept secrets of the Japan pavilion.

The Taiko Drummers at the Japan Pavilion in EPCOT

Love that beat – Photo by Express Monorail

As you enter into the Japan pavilion you will notice a 5 story pagoda. It is truly breathe taking as it rises above the trees and other features in World Showcase. If you are lucky you might get to catch the Takio Drummers. They perform here several times thought the day. It is quite a show. They roll out these big drums and play them and entertain the crowd around them.

This pavilion is such a break for the normal routine of the rest of the parks. Guests usually hop in line and wait and then go on to the next attraction. In the Japan Pavilion there is no line to stand in, guests are free to just wonder around and enjoy getting to know the culture.

The food at the Japan Pavilion is some of the best you will find. My favorite place to eat is Teppan Edo. Guests come into the restaurant and are seated at a table with other guest, unless you have a large party that has 8 people, and then the chef comes out and cooks the food right in front of you on the grill. The chef always makes the meal fun by adding their individual personalities. You will walk away from the restaurant asking your group why did we eat that much.

A beautiful path at night in Japan Pavilion

Isn’t this just soothing – Photo by Express Monorail

Some people skip over the Japan pavilion but they are the ones really missing out. They think no ride no show lets just skip it. I suggest slowing down on your journey and enjoying this beautiful pavilion. I really suggest making dinner reservation at Teppan Edo. Let Dad and his friends at Destinations to Travel take care of this for you. Check back next week as we talk more about World Showcase.

 Dad’s EPCOT Japan page

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