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Daytime Fireworks show at EPCOT

Memories – EPCOT

Today’s Memories come from EPCOT. There may have been more changes in EPCOT through the years than in the Magic Kingdom. Yes, the World Showcase has been pretty stable, but all the pavilions in Future World have been totally redone at least once.

Here are a few things I remember from the “glory” days of EPCOT.

Daytime Fireworks show at EPCOT

The colors were amazing

Daytime fireworks – at one time EPCOT had an afternoon fireworks show. Yes, daytime fireworks. It was complete with motorized hang gliders and lots of colorful streamers and fireworks.

One of the things I miss the most is Food Rocks. I loved that show. I sang along every time. All the cute characters like “Food Rapper” and “Peta Gabriel”. Anytime you base a song on “Bohemian Rapsody” you get Dad’s attention. (Check out Dad’s Ode to Food Rocks.)

The other thing I really miss is the Wonders of Life Pavilion. There were several exhibits in there that we never visited, but a couple of our all time favorite attractions were in Wonders of Life. We loved Cranium Command. That little guy was something. That was one show I would stand in line to see.

The other thing in Wonders of Life was Body Wars. They need to update it “like Star Tours” and bring some form of Body Wars back. That was just cool.

The entrance to Body Wars

I miss this ride (even though it made me a bit sick at times) – Photo by meshmar2

One thing I miss from the Journey to Imaginations pavilion is the slide show that used to play before there was even Captain EO. I’m thinking about was even before “True Colors”. It was an amazing picture montage full of history and pretty pictures. It wad put on by a set of slide projectors. I was more fascinated by the dance of the slide projectors than anything else. It seemed like there were about 50 of them that made up the show. Oh, the golden days of technology.

We could talk all day about Horizons, the Communicore, Ice Station Cool and more that have gone away. What memories do you have of EPCOT? Share them below.

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  1. I miss Kitchen Cabaret. It was before Food Rocks. My sister and I loved it. It was a definite must see on every trip. Veggie, veggie, fruit, fruit…it makes us sad we can’t watch it with our kids. We also miss the old Listen to the Land song that use to play. Nothing better than sitting back and just “Listening to the Land” after a long day.

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