Dad’s Guide to WDW Meet the Team


Dad has a great team here at Dad’s Guide to WDW. So, would you like to Meet the Team? Sure you would, why else would you be here?


From the left – Carl (Dad) Trent, Stephanie Shuster, Danny McBride, Kimberly Massimore

The Brain Trust

Dad has some really great help putting together Dad’s Guide to WDW. Really great. I’m really proud of these folks. They are my friends and my partners as we put together Dad’s Guide to WDW.


Stephanie Shuster – Stephanie has been with Dad the longest. She started out as a writer and is now Dad’s right hand "man". Her official title is Chief of Operations.


Danny McBride – Danny is our chief of Social Media. He takes care of our Facebook and Instragram accounts and helps to coordinate all of our Social Media postings.


Kimberly Massimore – Kim is our chief writer. She helps Dad create new content, writes the newsletter, reports on the news of the day and generally helps with all our content creation.


Oh, Dad? What does Dad do? He plays golf and dreams of Walt Disney World. I guess there’s a little more to it than that. Dad writes some, he designs some, he checks on what everyone else is doing, he goes to Disney World for "research", and he dreams about how to make Dad’s Guide better.


The Photography Team at Dad's Guide to WDWTop row (from left), Mike Billick, Matthew Cooper, Judd Helms, Andy Sanchez
Bottom row, Laurie Sapp, Brett Svenson, Cliff Wang

The Photography Team

When Dad first started Dad’s Guide to WDW the in addition to helpful, fun content, Dad wanted to have the best pictures of Walt Disney World anywhere. I think we’d done a real good job of that.


Let me introduce our photographers. Click on the link to see their Facebook pages.

We think you’ll enjoy the STUNNING pictures our team shares.


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Our Partners

The second way we help to make a WDW vacation fun is by working with some great partners. Our partners are the "best of the best of the best" when it comes to WDW information.

We’ll be talking about them a lot.

Dad’s Bottom Line

There is a lot that goes into keeping Dad’s Guide to WDW going, but our team is on the job. We’ll do our best to make your Walt Disney World experinence Simple, Fun and Magic.