Meet Adriana, New Team Member at Dad’s Guide to WDW!

Hi, everyone! Danny (Chief Magic Officer), here! Before we dive into Adriana’s first blog here at Dad’s Guide to WDW, I wanted to share a brief word to formally welcome Adriana to the team.

I first met Adriana through Destinations to Travel, our official travel agency partner that also just so happens to be where Adriana works as a bona fide magic maker! I’m truly thrilled to have such a passionate Disney fan and entertaining personality join the Dad’s Guide to WDW family as a blogger.

So, without any further adieu, I’m pleased to introduce you to Adriana Bonetti with her list of 20 things to know about her!

  1. I was born on November 18th, just like Mickey Mouse!
  2. I may have traveled a bit around the world, but I most love Walt Disney World.️
  3. My summers were always spent in Italy as a kid.
  4. My favorite Disney movies are Robin Hood, The Sword in the Stone, and Toy Story (I know, that’s Pixar, but it counts)!
  5. My favorite Disney attraction is Peter Pan’s Flight.
  6. I self-published a poetry book a looooong time ago.
  7. Of all the jobs I’ve had, my favorites have been librarian and cardiac monitor tech—heart rhythms fascinate me! And now, of course, planning Disney vacations!
  8. I love food. Eating and cooking are my favorite past times. 😂
  9. A few years back, I composed some songs on the piano just for fun. The playlist is on YouTube – just search my name!
  10. I own two cats, Skipper and Princess Leia. Skipper is a black cat. If you want a cat, please adopt a black one—they’re always the last ones to get adopted!
  11. My two kids keep me going, and going, and going…
  12. According to my kids, I make the best cakes! (Shhhhh… I use boxed cake mix…).
  13. I make homemade pizza pretty much weekly (real homemade… not like the cakes!).
  14. I grew up in a pizzeria. (Hence, my waistline 😂)
  15. I recently got into country music. Maybe because there’s almost always a reference to beer, wine, and whiskey?
  16. I can sit in a bookstore all day and be the happiest person on Earth. Literally.
  17. Impersonations and accents. I have a ball doing that—maybe because I grew up hearing different accents all the time.
  18. I want to take guitar lessons and learn how to play it properly. Soon.
  19. Shows I’ve seriously binged on (some more than once) are Black Mirror, Heartland, Downton Abbey, Ghost Hunters, and The Office.
  20. You read all the facts above? Pat on the back and thanks! Here’s one more fact: I just wrote a whole list of facts all about me!
Adriana Bonetti

Adriana Bonetti

I probably knew how to write Mickey Mouse and Disney before even learning how to spell my own name when I was a kid. That’s how much I love Disney—everything it represents, the animation, movies, and, of course, Disney Destinations!

Need I mention I’m a Disney fanatic? I spread my love of Disney travel with the Disney community on Instagram @D2TravelAdriana, write blogs currently on The Disney Damsel Blog and Disney Parks Podcast, take trips often to my happy place in sunny Orlando, Florida, and proudly share my birthday with The Mouse.

As an independent travel agent for Destinations To Travel LLC, and having continued training as a Disney Travel Agent with Disney’s College of Disney Knowledge, I have the expertise and skills in planning Disney vacations that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Allow me to help you plan your vacation as there’s nothing more exciting than being part in making Disney destination dreams come true!

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