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I’m too excited to sleep!

I have one of those golden oldie songs running through my mind.  “All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go … I’m leavin on a jet plane.” (Yes, Dad is that old.)

Here I am flying off to Disney World. Last night I had one of those nights Disney made a commercial about a few years ago.


Yes, that was Dad last night. Too excited to sleep. So here I am at a very bumpy 35,000 feet trying to write in complete sentences (but not making much sense) thinking about that silly little commercial. I did everything right last night. No extra caffeine, checked the alarm clock, went to bed at a normal time. Turned everything off and laid there. Too excited to sleep. This morning, 4:15 in the morning I’m up before the alarm. Too excited.

That commercial is so true. Every time we go to Disney World it’s the same thing. Too excited to sleep. Wonder why?


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