Going on a Disney World and Disney Cruise Joint Trip

Dad and Mrs. Mom are going to Disney World. Here’s the scoop … The other day, someone asked me, what is this Palooza thing your always talking about. The Palooza is our little trip to Walt Disney World, and this page is Palooza Central. It’s all about the fun, the planning, the good and the bad, that goes in to every trip. You get to see the details of how Dad plans this years trip.

So without further ado, here is all about Dad and Mrs. Mom’s Disney Palooza 2012. First, don’t forget, if you are going to Disney World in October and see Dad and Mrs. Mom, make sure to come up and say hello. You just might get a little surprise. (Yes, it’s a good surprise.)

In the Beginning

The Introduction – (The Palooza didn’t get a name until later in the year. Dad started by calling it The Perfect Vacation.) Here are the first few posts introducing the trip and some of the things we are still talking about.

The Palooza gets off to a roaring start.

Planning Begins for Disney World and a Disney Cruise

Planning a trip to Disney World is a lot of work. Yes, we’re going to Disney World, but that doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to … see for yourself …

First, you have to gather stuff together, make a budget, and choose when to go –

Oh, boy. That’s not all. Next, we have to make reservations. That’s a big part of the overall plan.


There is an awful lot of planning and time that go into the perfect reservations when you’re going to Disney World. Of course, Dad’s here to help.

There are lots of decisions to be made when you are going to Disney World about reservations. For some help you can always go over to Destinations to Travel and let them give you a hand.

The Travel Plan for Disney World and Disney Cruise Line

When Dad is going to Disney World he always has a plan. In fact, Dad creates some of the best plans in the world. (And usually they work.) So, since Dad and Mrs. Mom are going to Disney World, of course, Dad is making up THE PLAN.

Then on Day 6, we do something completely new and different (for Dad and Mrs. Mom). We are going on a Disney Cruise. Doesn’t that sound fun.

The Disney Cruise

As part of the Palooza, Dad and Mrs. Mom decided to add a Disney Cruise. It just sounded like the thing to do. So, Dad implemented Disney Cruise Fridays. It was a time to start the weekends and talk about the cruise. It was a bunch of fun.

First Dad took a good look at the Disney Cruise Line and some basics like –

Next, we took a look around the Disney Dream which is the ship we will be on during the trip. This was really fun.

Then it was time to talk about eating. Yum, Yum,

The we discussed some really neat stuff like …

Just for good measure Dad threw in a comparison of a Disney Cruise versus going to Disney World.

The 100-Day Blahs

During all the planning, the reservations, the cruise, and the hot summer, Dad got the blahs. He even named them He called them the 100 day blahs, because that’s when he realized what was going on. Up to the 180 day mark (when dining reservations had to be made) there was a bunch of activity. But things slowed down until Dad got a bit melancholy so he came up with a couple ways to overcome the 100 day blahs.

Dad got over the blahs just in time to make some final decisions.

Final Decisions

When you are going to Disney World, there are always some last-minute decisions that have to be made. Dad even had some he had to deal with.

That’s about it. All the decisions are made. It’s time to kick back and enjoy going to Disney World. Are you ready? Oops, one thing I forgot.

Healthy Habits Saturday

Saturdays are almost as much fun as Fridays. It’s essential that we prepare for our trip and part of that is getting in shape, so Saturdays are devoted to being healthy and talking about healthier lifestyles. Check out Dad’s Healthy Habits Saturdays and 10 steps to a Stress Free Vacation.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Going to Disney World is great. Dad can’t wait for the Palooza to begin. Think of all the stories. This is gonna be a blast.