The Giggle Gang Storybook Circus

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The Giggle Gang is coming to Storybook Circus. What was the one thing that Storybook Circus was missing? Hello. Every circus in the world has clowns. But not Storybook Circus. Until now.



Now Storybook Circus has it’s own set of clowns. These silly clowns are going to bring a real circus atmosphere to Disney World. (I’m just glad they didn’t decide to throw in the smell of the elephants.)

Posing at the Clown car

The Giggle Gang at Storybook Circus posing at the Clowns car from Casey Jr.Photo by Disney Parks Blog

Send in the Clowns

It’s hard to imagine a circus without the clowns. That’s why it’s a litte hard to believe it took Disney almost a year to add some clowns to the Circus. The Storybook Circus. Well now it’s time to send in the Clowns. These clowns that bring laughter to Dumbo’s home.

Dad’s Storybook Circus page

Playing Games

The Giggle Gang getting ready for the showPhoto by Debbie from Facebook

Meet the Gang

Three Clowns make up the group. They are the clown boss Chuckles Buffoon McMonkeyshine III (buess the boss needs a fancy name) and his protégés, Whinny Horselaugh and Snort. These three thrill audiences with their (as Disneysays) “amazing feats of thrills, chills and hilarity.


(The Princess Talks about the Giggle Gang and The Man-Child)


Along with the the clown gang there is a brand new musical group called Silly Saxtent. The group strolls around a puts a “clown” twist on music ranging from Dumbo to Spike Jones.


Clown training is a very specialized thing. These clowns were trained by the best. Some of the gang trained at the famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Crown College.


Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Finally the circus has it’s own clowns. Now all is right at the “World”. Check out the Gang. (Not like you could miss them.)