Follow that Tigger

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“You want a Tigger hat?” I asked The Man-Child.



“It looks pretty silly on a 6’1″ kid” (and most 15 year old kids are pretty image conscious, but not The Man-Child), I told him. He didn’t care. He liked it. Sigh. “It’s a good thing your Gram gave you money, because the Dad wouldn’t pay for a silly thing like that.” (Unless he saw it first.)


Tigger and The Man-Child

The Man-Child and Tigger at Crystal Palace


This was a really silly hat. It was a Santa stocking hat with ears glued on and painted with orange and green. Silly.


So off we went. All 15 of us. The Man-Child took his normal position. Out in front. And guess what. That goofy-looking (OK, maybe I should say silly-looking) hat made it a lot easier to see The Man-Child. All of us could spot that orange thing walking down the street. (Like one of the flags used by those pesky tour groups.)


We followed that hat in the Magic Kingdom. We followed it in EPCOT. We followed it in the Animal Kingdom and in MGM, we followed that silly hat all around on our Disney World vacation. (Too bad we didn’t have a water park day, we’d probably have had to follow it there.)


It was truly amazing. No one ever got lost. All we had to do was to look up and find the great orange hat and off we went.


The Man-Child loved that hat so much he wore it to bed. Silly kid. I wonder what ever happened to that thing?


(Update- we found the silly hat last week. It was still in the Man-Child’s room 5 years later.)


Check out The Chapeau, where The Man-Child bought the Tigger hat.