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Everyone needs to Listen to Dad

by Dad

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Dad is always talking about Walt Disney World and you should be listening. I’m not one to toot my own horn (at least not very often.) But I’m going to make an exception today.


What on earth are you talking about now Dad?

Patience, all will become clear shortly, but first I need to tell you a couple of stories.

Cinderella Castle from the Wishing Well

I have no idea what this picture has to do with the stories, but you can never have enough pictures of Cinderella Castle – Photo by Brett Svenson

The other day, Mrs. Mom went to the dentist. Mrs. Mom and I go to the same dentist. They know us there. We’ve been using them for over 15 years. The kids went there too so they really know us pretty well. They know what Dad does with all the Disney stuff. Get it, this dentist knows Dad knows Walt Disney World. They know it well.

So the other day, Mrs. Mom is getting her teeth cleaned when the nice young teeth cleaning lady struck up a conversation. (I think they get taught at school how to start a conversation just as you get a mouth full of spit and stuff so you can’t answer. But that’s a discussion for a different time.)

“I’ve got a funny story for you.” The nice young teeth cleaning lady said. “We just got back from Walt Disney World and boy did we make a big mistake.”

“Oh, what was the big mistake?” Mrs. Mom asked.

“We should have paid more attention to your husband’s website”. (Duh!)

“What happened?” Mrs. Mom asked.

“My (insert the relative here) planned the trip and they didn’t use your husbands site. Boy was that a mistake. What a mess. We were scurrying all over. Our FastPasses were for the wrong times. We almost missed eating at Cinderella’s Castle because of one of them. The whole trip was just so disorganized.”

Mrs. Mom just smiled (which, I might add, is hard to do when you are getting your teeth cleaned.)

Then, the very next day, I drove over and visited my sister. She had just gotten home from Walt Disney World. She and her husband had gone with their son and grandson.

I waited a whole 3 seconds (that’s a long time in Air Traffic Controller time) before asking her how the trip was. For the next hour or so she told me stories of the exploits of the grandson. What, you thought she was going to tell me how she should have listened to her big brother? No grandkids come first, second, third…

After the tales of the grandson wound down she woke me up when she finally got around to talking about the planning part of the trip. Apparently they left that to the son. Kids all have to grow up sometime.

Now I have to say, I like this nephew of mine, but he’s a little headstrong. He’s not exactly the “listen to Uncle Dad” type. He’s more of the I’m a grown up now and I can do it by myself type. So he planned the trip all on his own.

What kind of kid does that? Here he has one of the biggest and best Walt Disney World trip planning experts in the whole wide world just a phone call away and he doesn’t take advantage of it. How silly is that?

And, hey sis, you don’t get out of this one scott free. What on earth were you thinking? Letting him plan everything without even looking at it and running it by me. Huh? That’s pretty silly right there.

OK, so it turns out that young nephew has a friend that fancies themselves an “expert” Disney planner. So he let this “expert” help him. This “expert” had them running across the parks, back and forth. Mad dashes. They had every minute of the day planned. No time to “Stop and Smell the Roses.” Ah, youthful exuberance…

The trip was not ruined, but the idea of going to Walt Disney World with 2 fifty something (yes, sis, you’re over 50 now and you have been for a while) year-olds and a 5 year-old and running back and forth across parks to keep a schedule is a little ambitious.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

So, the moral of this story or stories is there are lots of voices out there that will want to help you plan your WDW vacation. All of them are well intentioned. They mean well, but none of them are Dad. Dad knows WDW.

Do you need to read every word Dad has written about WDW? Duh! OK, no, but you should get a flavor of what Dad has to say. It’s pretty good advice for the most part and if you have questions you can always Ask Dad.

Enough of my patting myself on the back. My arm is starting to hurt. I’ll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing, but when you start to get ready for your next WDW vacation, be sure you pay attention to what Dad has to say. Trust me. You won’t be sorry.

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