Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC

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Dad is a big fan of cool snacks, especially tasty ones. At Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC you’ll find a bunch of really tasty snacks. Yummy.

It’s pink inside

The entry are of Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC at Disney Springs/Disney SpringsPhoto by WDW Shutterbug


Are allergies keeping you from enjoying all of the great treats and sweets that Walt Disney World has to offer? Now, Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC not only carries vegan delights, but has an array of gluten-free confections as well. In addition they cater to those who have sensitivities to dairy, egg, and soy.

Location, Location, Location

Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC is located in The Landing.


You can find the Bakery beside Chapel Hats, catty corner to Havaianas and across from Portobello Country Italian Trattoria and Fulton’s Crab House. It is a hop, skip, and a jump away from The BOATHOUSE.


In addition to the actual bakery location, you can find some packaged desserts at The Beach Club Marketplace (Disney’s Beach Club Resort), The BoardWalk Bakery (Disney’s BoardWalk), The Gardens Kiosk (Disney’s Animal Kingdom), The Mara (Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge), Landscape of Flavors (Disney’s Art of Animation Resort), and Everything Pop (Disney’s Pop Century Resort).

Dad’s Disney Springs/Disney Springs page

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The 411

Sample sumptuous treats from chocolate and donuts to tea cakes and cookies. Items are prepared right at the bakery each day. There are also specials, so be sure to stop by and take a look. Cookies start around $1.75 and prices go up from there.  


Chocolate Delights: Chocolate-Chip Brownie Bites, Agave Sweetened Brownie Bites, Double-Chocolate Crumb Cake, Chocolate-Covered Coconut Mounds


Donuts: Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Sprinkle Donut, Chocolate-Dipped Donut, Toasted Coconut Donut, Coffee Crunch Donut, Salted Caramel Donut

Tea Cakes: Banana Tea Cake, Banana Chocolate-Chip Tea Cake, Cornbread Tea Cake, Apple-Cranberry Toastie Tea Cake, Pumpkin Tea Cake

Breads, Bagels, and Biscuits: White bread, Rye Bread, Plain Bagel, Everything Bagel, Plain Biscuit, Biscuit with Jam and Vegan Cream, Veggie Biscuit


Cookies: Chocolate-Chip Cookie, Oat Raisin Cookie, Frozen Thin Mints Cookie, Chocolate-Chip Cookie Sandwich, Double Chocolate-Chip Cookie

Cupcakes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Carrot, Brownie, Banana, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Cupcake Tops, Frosting Shot


Beverages: Coffee, Iced Coffee, Hot Tea, Ice Tea, Lemonade, Arnold Palmer, Kombucha, Water, Sparkling Water


*Disclaimer: This is just a sampling. More items may be offered on the menu inside the bakery. Menu items and prices are subject to change without notice.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC Hours

The bakery is open from 10:00 am until 11:00 pm during the week and until 11:30 pm on Friday and Saturday. Don’t expect to be able to sit down and eat in this bakery. It’s more of a take-and-go kind of place. There aren’t any chairs inside.


Photo by WDW Shutterbug


It is a quick service bakery. You’re in and out (when there isn’t a line!) The most difficult thing will be choosing which treat you want from the menu.


If you don’t like the color pink, you may want to stay away from this bakery. The whimsical Valentine theme is accented throughout from the walls to costumes in pink.


The bakery is able to deliver cakes to most table service restaurants at the Walt Disney World Resort. Just place the order at least a week in advance and make some magic happen.

A Side Order of Truth

The bakery is tiny and a bit hard to navigate, especially when it’s really busy.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Some of the items might seem a little pricey, but hey, you are in Disney so splurge. Besides, the price reflects specially baked goods that cater to people with some types of allergies.


Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC accepts snack credits on the Disney Dining Plan.  With cupcakes coming in at almost $5, it would be a great use of the snack credit.