Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS) is Changing: Here’s What You Need to Know

Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland recently announced significant changes to DAS – and now, you’re going to need to prep before you arrive at the theme parks.

Guests with disabilities have long relied on Disney’s Disability Access Service (DAS or, as it’s sometimes known, the DAS Pass) to skip the queue and the wait time for attractions in the theme parks. Available at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, DAS is a staple –– and a must-have –– for guests who are unable to wait in conventional lines for long periods of time.

But DAS is about to see its biggest change in decades on both coasts. In April 2024, Disney announced that its Disability Access Service will no longer serve same-day requests from guests. Instead, those hoping to use DAS will have to register in advance.

Why is Disney’s DAS Pass Changing?

For guests with disabilities, DAS can be a game changer at Disney’s theme parks. Created to accommodate guests who have developmental disabilities, DAS (or the DAS Pass) can be utilized to skip the wait and the crowds that can make waiting in line difficult for some.

For years, in order to utilize DAS, guests needed to visit Guest Services in person at any of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks or Disneyland’s two theme parks. However, in 2021, the service changed slightly, allowing guests to either pre-register for DAS ahead of their trips or visit Guest Services in person. 

However, in recent years, DAS has become increasingly popular with guests, and demand for the service has risen significantly. Since DAS is intended to accommodate only a small percentage of Guests who have developmental disabilities, its growth has complicated the process (and lengthened the in-person wait time) for those who need it.

As a result, Disney is updating the process, offering a streamlined approach that can simplify registration and save guests time. Additionally, according to reporter Scott Gustin, Disney Cast Members will be able to work with Inspire Health Alliance’s health professionals as necessary to determine a guest’s eligibility for DAS as part of the new process.

Changes Are Coming to DAS Registration

The big change coming to DAS at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Registration is changing, with the option to pre-register ahead of your visit via video chat.

The process will be a bit different at Disney World versus Disneyland. At Disney World, guests will be required to pre-register ahead of their theme park visit. Guests will register via live video chat anywhere from 2 to 30 days in advance of their theme park visit, and during that chat they’ll speak with a Cast Member to determine their eligibility. 

At Disneyland, guests will be able to pre-register or register in-park. Guests can either register via live video chat from 2 to 30 days in advance of their theme park visit or on-site on the day of at an Accessibility Services window located on the esplanade. 

Once a guest’s eligibility is determined, the registration process will get underway (which includes having the DAS-registered guests take a photo). 

Guests can register for a maximum party size of 4 under the new DAS guidelines –– the DAS registered guest, plus three additional party members.

Once registered, DAS is valid for either the length of the ticket or up to 120 days (whichever is shorter). Once your ticket is no longer valid or the 120-day period ends, guests will need to re-register to continue using DAS.

Post-Registration: Using DAS

After you’ve completed the registration process and are enrolled in DAS at either Disney World or Disneyland, all you have to do is wait! Once you’ve entered a theme park, you’ll be able to request your first return time.

Guests who are registered in DAS will be able to make return selection in the My Disney Experience app or Disneyland app. The return time will be comparable to whatever the current standby wait time is. And remember, only one DAS return time can be held at a time.

Need additional help? DAS-registered guests can also visit Guest Relations or an Accessibility Services window to get a return time. 

The DAS Changes Take Effect in Summer 2024

The changes coming to DAS at both Disney World and Disneyland will go into effect ahead of the busy summer season. At Disney World, the process will officially switch over on May 20, 2024; at Disneyland, the changes will take effect on June 18, 2024.

If you’re visiting a Disney World or Disneyland theme park ahead of these key dates, you’ll find that the DAS registration process will continue operating with both online registration and in-park registration available.