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Disney’s Computers Went Down and Mrs. Mom Erupts?

by Dad
(The Office)

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Last Saturday, Mrs. Mom had probably her GREATEST. DAY. EVER. moment. You’re not going to believe why.

Disney Computers Go Down

On Saturday, I got a message that Disney’s computers were having a problem and people weren’t being allowed to use FastPasses or get into dining reservations unless they had something that proved they had a reservation. (Yes, My Disney Experience was down too.)

This was not the first time Disney’s computers have had problems, but it was the first time I ever told Mrs. Mom about it. Her reaction was priceless.

Paper vs. Plastic

OK, so this all goes back to the fact that Mrs. Mom is all about paper. We go to WDW and she has a 3-inch thick binder full of paper. Me, I’ll all about apps and technology. I wrote a whole chapter about this in my book Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning. Here’s just a quick excerpt:

When it’s time to start planning a trip to Walt Disney World a very interesting thing happens around our house. Right after Mrs. Mom and I say those fateful words:

“We’re going to Walt Disney World!”

I go to my office, and Mrs. Mom heads to her office and we start planning our vacation.

For me, out comes the my laptop, iPad and iPhone. I start diving into, My Disney Experience, Dad’s Guide to WDW, WDW Magazine, WDW Discount Club, the official Disney World website, and about a thousand more online tools. Plastic, Technology… that’s me.

Mrs. Mom, loads up a bunch of paper into her printer and starts printing out a bunch of stuff. Menus, calendars, schedules… Paper, Old School… that’s Mrs. Mom.

Then she starts building the “trip bible.”

I could go on for hours about Mrs. Mom and her paper, her “trip bible”, etc., but the bottom line is when we are at Disney World and we need a reservation number she can usually find it faster in her paper than I can with my technology.

Mrs. Mom Erupts

So, back to last Saturday. I walked into Mrs. Mom’s office (yes, we have separate offices in our house) and told her that Disney’s computers were down and and only people that could prove they had FastPasses and ADR’s were allowed to proceed on the ride or into the restaurant.

That’s when Mrs. Mom erupted. I can’t do this justice here…

Mrs. Mom threw up her hands and screamed…


It was loud. It was epic. It lasted forever. In fact she’s still celebrating 5 days later.

Why is she celebrating? Because her “paper” has been vindicated. People who had paper copies of ADR’s or had confirmations of FastPasses were being allowed to proceed. If you didn’t have something to prove your reservation you were turned away.

This is big. This is IMPORTANT. Disney’s computers go down too often. This happens at least once a month.


While you don’t have to be “paper” like Mrs. Mom, be sure that you have a backup to My Disney Experience. Take screenshots of your FastPasses and keep them in your photo album. Keep the emails from your ADR’s and have them available. Be sure you know where they are and can get to them quickly.

Or even better, print them off and take the paper with you. Make Mrs. Mom happy!

This is true even if Disney’s computers go down. There are reports all the time of Disney losing ADR’s. If you have proof, Disney is going to take care of you!

A Little Help

One of the big things our partners at Destinations to Travel does is to create a personalized itinerary for your trip. They send you that itinerary. It has all your reservation numbers, Dining Reservations, FastPass times and everything you need in case Disney breaks down. And your agent will be a backup in case something goes wrong. It’s part of why I am so passionate about them. Get started with Destinations to Travel today…

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you should be prepared for things that can go wrong at WDW (more from the book). You wouldn’t want to miss a Magical experience just because Disney’s computers go down.

Paper or Plastic, have reservation information available just in case!


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Comments for

Apr 27, 2019 If Disneys computers go down…
by: Craig

Does the internet, as in their WIFI, also go down? So we could not access anything stored in the cloud, etc. It must be already stored in your phone.

Dad Answers

No, the wi-fi doesn’t go down but the app does. If you’ve saved the emails you’ll be fine.

Nov 05, 2018 Kindred Spirits
by: Beth Peck Parsons

I believe Mrs. Mom and I are kindred spirits. When I arrive in less than a week, I will have not only one but two copies of all of my fast passes, dinner reservations, tickets to the parks and special events and memory maker. I do not use a three ring binder but I do have a nice folder that I keep at my room and what ever I am doing that day I have the paperwork with me just in case the computers go down. Mrs. Mom, you go girl, I have your back.

Nov 05, 2018 Is “My Plans” good enough proof?
by: GAN

When and if you can get “My Plans” on the WDW website to work (instead of getting the dreaded “Please come back later. We are unable to show your plans at this time” message). Would that be good enough proof that you have a FP+ and/or ADR? Just print off a copy of “My Plan” for each day and carry it with you?

Dad Answers

My Plans should be good enough.

Nov 05, 2018 I forgot to add…
by: Anonymous

I have an incredible multi-day itinerary I print up and people would always try to get a peek at it in line so I now keep it hidden….can’t give out all my secrets!

I think I like Mrs. Mom!

Props to Mrs. Mom!

Nov 05, 2018 hey thanks!
by: Anonymous

I actually always worried over my app either freezing up or hitting it and deleting my FP so I will most certainly do screen shots each morning and when I initially set them up.
I do keep the emails on my phone for Dining reservations so I think that is okay, who’d have thought they’d go down like that.
Thanks for the heads up and idea!

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