More Disney World Secrets

The other day we talked about the Disney World Secrets in the Theme Parks and the Hotels. There are lots more “secrets” to share. On this page, we’ll talk about Disney Springs, the Restaurants, the Water Parks, and everything else around the “World”.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a hot spot for locals who want to soak up some Disney magic, and visitors love it for a change of pace from the parks (with some great shopping, entertainment, and dining to boot!). But it’s also a great source for free entertainment throughout the year. Here are Dad’s top 3 Walt Disney World Secrets for Disney Springs.


The huge flagship LEGO store along the waterfront of Disney Springs’s Marketplace is known for it’s huge outdoor LEGO sculptures. But many visitors are so busy with their larger-than-life LEGO photo-ops that they miss the opportunity to go inside to the huge LEGO play area to test out the classic toy for themselves. Note to parents: this is a fun and free secret that can help kids from getting cranky!

Abra Cadabra

At Disney Springs Westside, there’s an unassuming little store called Magic Masters, which peddles tricks that you can learn and buy to perfect at home. But they also do frequent demonstrations of various tricks and illusions for guests who visit the store!

Holly Jolly Holidays

During the Christmas season, Disney Springs is all decked out to celebrate the holidays just like the parks and resorts. But one of the best Walt Disney World secrets is the Festival of the Seasons happens from mid-November through December – including free performances by musicians, carolers, stilt walkers and more, along with dance parties and a Santa meet-and-greet. It’s the perfect way to spend a day of holiday shopping.


Everybody’s got to eat, but the restaurants at Walt Disney World are truly special, and Dad’s got 3 Walt Disney World Secrets about them to share with you.

Mickey Waffles

No trip to Walt Disney World would be complete without at least one breakfast of Mickey Waffles. Some resorts have them at their quick-service locations, but most of the time these treats are found at expensive breakfast buffets. But, at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort, you can have your Mickey Waffles and eat them too! Roaring Fork features specialty Mickey Waffles on a quick service menu with special toppings like maple butter and candied pecans, warm bananas in buttered rum sauce, fresh strawberries and orange whipped cream, and chocolate sauce with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Sign Dad up for this secret!

Dinner Shows Dinner Shows

Sometimes us parents need a night away from the crowds and out of the parks. Sure, there are lots of nice dining spots at Walt Disney World, but once dinner is over, how can you occupy the kids? Dinner shows like the Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue, The Spirit of Aloha Polynesian Luau, Mickey’s Backyard Barbeque all offer a great meal, a fun show, and the opportunity to relax away from the parks

Try the Grey Stuff

In the new Be Our Guest restaurant in New Fantasyland, moments from Beauty and the Beast come to life before your eyes. And if you’re celebrating a special occasion, your server just might add a little extra magic to your meal: at dessert time, you may be presented with a small cookies-and-cream flavored treat that will have you singing “try the grey stuff. It’s delicious, don’t believe me? ask the dishes!” all the way home.

Water Parks

The water parks at Walt Disney World are little theme parks in and of themelves. It only makes sense that they’d have Walt Disney World secrets of their own, like Dad’s 3 favorites.

Surf’s Up

The Surf Pool at Typhoon Lagoon is good for more that just catching a wave with the crowds bobbing around to cool off during the day. Those waves are the real deal, and you can actually learn to surf on selected morning with the help of some top notch instructors. There’s an extra fee, but it’s the chance of a lifetime!

2 Birds, 1 Golf Ball

At Blizzard Beach, you can ride the slides all day, or stop and take a break at WinterSummerland – two minigolf courses designed for Santa by his elves. This is a great way to stretch out your day at the water park since it’s right next door, and is a great option for families travelling with non-water park enthusiasts.

Slide with a View

Atop Blizzard Beach’s Mount Gushmore, guests have one of, if note THE, finest view of all of Walt Disney World. With landmarks from all four parks in plain view, you just might want to stay up there all day. (Especially because coming down means a ride on Summit Plummet!)

Everything Else in the World

Walt Disney World Secrets go beyond the parks, restaurants, resorts, and entertainment options, and Dad has a few more to share from around the World…

Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas…

The Walt Disney World Monorail system was designed by Bombardier, so you’d expect it to go fast, but do you know how fast? Each Monorail can travel at speeds of over 75 miles per hour, but the max speed when transporting guests is a mere 45MPH.

Tee Time

In addition to 4 mini golf courses (2 at WinterSummerland and 2 at Fantasia Gardens), did you know that Walt Disney World is home to five golf courses? There are the Osprey Ridge Golf Course, the Lake Buena Vista Gold Course, the Oak Trail Golf Course (9 holes and ideal for beginners), and 2 PGA courses: Disney’s Palm Golf Course and Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course. Disney?s Palm Golf Course and Disney?s Magnolia Golf Course are both played every year on the PGA TOUR players. Osprey Ridge, Lake Buena Vista, Oak Trail

Batter Up!

The ESPN Wide World of Sports complex hosts hundreds of student, amateur, and charitable events each year, but they are also home to the Atlanta Braves for their Spring Training each year! You can even get tickets to get out and see them for yourself!