Disney World – How weather can affect your trip

December 18, 1999. Schools out, the bags are packed, and it’s time to go. Where? We’re going to Disney World! Why not? The world is going to end in just 12 short days. (Jan 1, 2000) “Live it up for tomorrow we die.”

It was the Princess’ 15th birthday. WOW how time flies.

We got to Orlando and checked into the hotel (Caribbean Beach Resort) and dashed off to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

It was raining.

(I’ve got a picture, but it’s so bad, we’re so wet, Mrs. Mom won’t let me put it in here.)

It rained all night.

We got back to the hotel and tried to dry out our shoes.

The next morning we got up and went to EPCOT. It was raining. Did you know that Disney sells cool rain ponchos cheap?

After we finished with EPCOT, we went back to the Caribbean Beach Resort (CBR) and tried to dry out our shoes.

The next morning we got up and went to MGM Studios (now called Disney’s Hollywood Studios). It was raining, but the forecast called for the rain to go away and not return for the rest of the week.

The rain stopped around noon. We went back to the CBR and changed clothes. Mrs. Mom (the only one with 2 pairs of shoes) put on dry shoes, and we all went back to the park.

I think my shoes dried out 3 days later. It was miserable. We all had blisters on our feet.

The moral of this story is?

A. Bring more than 1 pair of shoes
B. Pray for no rain
C. Buy cheap ponchos

I’ll let you decide.

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  2. Two other options:

    D: Bring good gortex raincoats (check out Columbia Sportswear)- use them as windbreakers on cool evenings, and be dry and happy even in downpours when it does rain.

    E: Buy All-terrain shoes (Check Lands End and REI) that allow water to flow through. If rain is in the forecast, wear the shoes with coolmax socks. Feet do get wet, but no blisters and they’ll dry very quickly.

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