Disney World Haunted Mansion

The Disney World Haunted Mansion has been known to break down every once in a while. Not while Dad’s here it’s not.

We finally arrived at the Haunted Mansion and got right in. In fact we got in so fast we didn’t have time to enjoy all of the tombstones and things outside of the entrance. Doesn’t Disney do a great job of making standing in line for hours interesting? I digress.

On this particular Disney World vacation, the whole bunch was there ready to ride. Mrs. Mom’s Mom and Dad, Dad and Mrs. Mom, The Princess and The Man Child, Mrs. Mom’s sisters, (we’ll just call them Number One and Number Two) (ps. I might get in trouble if I call them The Grump and The Pest) Number One’s husband, The Yankee, and their two girls, The Cheerleader and The Shy One, and Number Two’s husband, Kelly, and their three boys, Larry, Curly and Mo.

Did you get all that?

Need a chart? I didn’t think so.

We all boarded the Doom Buggies and off we went. As usual The Princess was sitting by me (she loves her Daddy) and Mrs. Mom and The Man-Child were on behind us.

We started through the house… Ooooooo… Aaaaaa… Hear the crickets chirping… Feel those million eyes watching… Listen to those…

What was that “the ride will resume shortly, please stay seated with your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.” Then the sound track came back on.

Ooooo… Ahhhhh… Chirrrp….

“The ride will resume shortly, please… (Please shut up.)

After a couple of minutes (which seemed like hours) the Disney World Haunted Mansion resumed. We got over to where the blackbirds are crowing when…

“The ride will resume shortly, please keep all body parts inside the vehicle at all times.” Then the soundtrack came back on.

Those stupid blackbirds were yaking…

For 20 minutes. We sat on a hill watching the same scene, hearing the same squawking, over and over.

Good thing I didn’t have a gun, I’d have killed me some black birds.