Disney World Discounts Month Begins

Dad’s Guide to WDW is proud to announce that Disney World Discounts Month begins today.  Yes, that’s right Dad is going to be talking about how to get Discounts on your next Walt Disney World vacation. Aren’t you excited. Dad is.

Disney World Discounts like those at the Pop Century Hotel

Found at the Pop Century - Photo by Donna62

From cheap flights to Orlando to Discounts on Disney Hotels, Dad’s going to talk about them all. In fact in may take more than one little month to get all of the ways to save money at Disney World in. This is going to be fun.

Hopefully, by the end of the month, Dad’s brand spanking new Disney Hotel Discount ebook will be ready. Dad is working on gathering all of the ways to save money on Disney hotels in one place.  This book is going to change the world. Just wait and see.

The first day of  Discount month we’ll look at the Walt Disney World Discount Hotels. (The Value Resorts.) Over the next couple of weeks, Dad will have pages that show the best ways to save money on Disney World Tickets, how to save on meals and even how to save on your hotel.

Your gonna thank me. Trust me.

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