Where Not to Buy Discounted Disney World Tickets

Buying Disney World discount tickets is risky. Every year, many people get unfortunately ripped when they attempt to buy Disney World tickets at a “discount.”

To make a long story short, this is just reason #782,109 why booking your trip through Destinations to Travel is so important.  As Authorized Disney Vacation Planners, travel agents at Destinations to Travel are there to guide you through every step of the planning process – ensuring your trip is as cost effective as possible, and helping to make sure you’re saving a few bucks in the right ways… Trying to purchase discounted WDW park tickets is not the right way to do that.

This doesn’t look like a trustworthy spot to purchase park tickets, right?

Don’t Buy From eBay/Craigslist

I once saw an eBay listing for two park hopper tickets and the opening bid was $170.00.

I know, you’re asking, why shouldn’t I save some money and buy these?

  • There is no way to verify if the tickets shown in the listing have already been used. Most Disney ticket fraud comes from tickets of no value.
  • This seller had a seller rating of (0), an obvious bad sign.
  • The seller’s profile had no previous sales listed.

Don’t Buy Partially Used Tickets

You should NEVER buy partially used tickets unless you just want to throw your money away. Some gas stations and corner shops around Disney World have booths that will sell you “partially” used tickets to the parks. Don’t do it.

There are some real good reasons you should not buy partially used passes to Disney World.

  • First, there is no way for anyone, other than Disney to verify the number of days that remain on the ticket. You can’t tell by looking. You used too be able to tell how many days had been used. Several years ago Disney went to the credit card style ticket and there is no visible way to tell what is left.
  • Second, Disney uses a “biometric” system to verify a card is being used by the purchaser. It’s like a finger print. That’s why you have to put your finger in the little slot when you enter a park. They also use it to catch major criminals. (Not really.) Don’t worry if you and the missus swap tickets, all tickets that are purchased together are supposedly interchangeable.
  • The last and most important reason not to buy partially used Disney World Discount Tickets is it’s against the law.

Dad’s Bottom Line

When it comes to buying your WDW park ticket on the internet, or in person, just use some common sense – and get your tickets from Disney!