Creating Disney Memories

Every family should have Disney Memories. Whether it’s of classic Disney movies, time spent in one of the Disney parks, or for us guys sitting around watching hours of sports on ESPN (yes, Disney owns ESPN).



Today, we’re going to focus on Disney World memories. Why, because a complete, perfect, Walt Disney World vacation creates memories that last forever. A Disney vacation is more than just the few days you spend in the parks. It’s the stories, the pictures, the video and the memories that you will share together for the rest of your lives.


As a Disney World commercial said …


"It’s the time of your life."

Where the Magic Happens

When it comes to Disney Memories, magic happens everywhere. From the time you drive under that sign that says, Welcome to Disney World, until the time you drive back under it, Magic can happen.

Theme Parks

Each of the Disney World parks have memory invoking rides and attractions. But they also have some lesser known places where great Disney memories are made. Here are just a couple in each park.

  • In the Magic Kingdom


    • The Disney World Railroad – from first thing in the morning when the train brings the characters for a rousing opening ceremony, the train at the Magic Kingdom creates memories. Take a ride around the park and just see what you can see.
    • Bwana Bob’s – and other carts around the park that sell merchandise. LIfelong memories can be created from the souvenirs that go home.
  • In EPCOT


    • The Jammitors – and all of the little shows that Disney puts on during the day these are some great Disney memories. Some are on permanent stages, but some just show up. Don’t miss them.
    • Photopass – yes, it’s another way for Disney to suck money out of your wallet. But, who doesn’t want a picture of the whole family on Main Street. Stop, have the picture taken, you don’t have to buy, and you can even wait and look at them when you get home.
  • Disney Hollywood Studios


    • Honey I Shrunk the Kid Playground – even the little ones need to escape for a while. Playing on the playground has been going on since the beginning of time. Yes, sometimes it doesn’t fit into our neat schedules, but kids need to blow off steam too.
    • Sci Fi Dine In – this is one of the most unique restaurants in the world. Disney is full of them. Take some time to enjoy the movie and the show that is the restaurant.
  • Animal Kingdom


    • The Festival of the Lion King – Disney puts on some of the best shows anywhere. The shows in the parks have elements from shows that have performed on Broadway (in New York).
    • Pangani Forest Exploration Trail – give the kids a disposable camera of their own and see who can take pictures of the most animals. Fun for all and memories that will last a lifetime.


Inside and outside the parks, Disney memories are created at Disney restaurants. Disney has restaurants that range from Casey’s Corner all the way to Victoria & Alberts and just about anywhere in between. Uncle Walt wanted his guests have a total experience when they came to his parks and that extended to the restaurants. All of the restaurants are unique. There are no cookie cutter restaurants at Disney World. Make sure to slow down and notice the details.

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The Disney hotels are designed to make Disney memories. Like the restaurants each one is unique and special and even memorable. Disney adds special touches to every hotel that creates an environment that makes memories. The Value Resorts, Moderates, Deluxe and Deluxe Villas are all very, very special.

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Special Events

Almost every month Disney puts on memorable special events. Christmas at Disney World is one of the most memorable experiences that you could ever have. Events happen at all the theme parks, the hotels and sometimes even at the water parks. Check out the special events while your there.

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Memories Happen – Capture Them

So let’s look at some of the ways to create, document and enjoy Disney World memories. From a stolen kiss on the beach to a sleeping kid in a stroller, you never know where a magical moment will occur.

Disney World Pictures

This is a no brainer. Take lots of pictures. Or is it. One of my biggest regrets in life is that on our last couple of Disney World trips, I didn’t take a lot of pictures. Why? I have this honkin’ big professional grade camera that takes magnificent pictures. I can take a picture of a grizzly bear at over a half mile (I actually did that.) But, like I said, it’s a big honkin’ camera and it’s hard to lug around. It’s heavy and bulky.


Taking pictures is an important part of preserving memories. Twenty years from now the kids will come home for the holidays and you’ll drag out the pictures of that special Disney World trip and we’ll all be laughing and crying for hours. If you don’t have the pictures, details are forgotten. Pictures bring back memories.

Videos of your Magical Vacation

A long time ago there was a song called "Video Killed the Radio Star". It was a cool little song with a real meaning. Years ago, radio personalities were today’s rock stars, but videos and TV put an end to that. The same is kinda true of memories. Pictures make for great memories, but video is even better. Which is bigger? Youtube or Flickr (a picture site). Youtube is the #3 website in the world. We love videos.


Growing up, whenever we visited our grandparents, we knew that sometime during the trip, Grandpa was going to drag out the 8mm projector (Google that) and show home movies. Although we’d groan a bit, we all couldn’t wait for the movies to get started. There were the videos of us at Disneyland, fishing, and playing in the backyard. It was so cute. Those are memories I’ll cherish the rest of my life.


Now days, you can actually use the same cameras to take movies and photos. It’s amazing how far camera technology has come. Like pictures, if you can take lots of video, it’s a great way to preserve those great Disney memories.

Destinations to Travel


Dad’s Bottom Line

Disney memories will stay with your family forever. We still talk about the first, second, third and even sixth time we went to Disney World.