Finding a “Cheap” Disney Hotel

So Dad, you promised to tell us how to get a Disney hotel cheap. You promised. So, Dad, how do we do it??? Boy, I’m glad you asked. I’d love to tell you how you can find cheap Disney World hotels. It can be done, sometimes. But it takes some work. So, let’s go to work! (It’s OK Guys, It’s not shopping. It’s research.)

To find the best Disney hotel cheap, check out the links below for HotelsCombined to do the work for you. It checks the prices of most of the travel websites and gives you the best prices available from them on Disney World hotels.

Don’t Check With Disney

The last thing to do when looking for great prices on Disney World hotels is to check with The Source. Disney itself. Yep, that’s right, you need to go on over to Disney’s web page and check out their prices.

Disney sometimes has great specials on hotel rooms. Or sometime they throw in freebies. Yep, Disney throws in freebies during slow times of the year.

Discount Codes

You should always check to see if Disney is running any Disney World price specials for your vacation period. Whenever Disney runs a special they assign it a special code.

Disney also sends out post cards to selected guests that will offer a significant discount on a Disney World vacation. If you receive one of these post cards make sure you check out the discount. It is usually a pretty good deal.

Now that you have a code, or maybe not, make the call, type in… See if you can find a Disney hotel cheap. Type in the code and see what happens.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Finding a Disney hotel for a great price takes a little work and a little luck. Have a great time with your research.