Destinations To Travel – Dad’s Disney World Travel Agency


Hi, Dad here. I want to introduce you to Destinations to Travel, Dad’s Disney World Travel Agency and soon to be your new best friend.


some stressful crowds at EPCOT Dealing with the crowds at WDW can be pretty stressful – Photo by Judd Helms


Are you stressed at the thought of planning a WDW Vacation?


Do you worry about getting your ADR’s made? (What’s an ADR? It’s important.) What happens if Disney puts out a new discount, can you get it automatically get it applied to your reservation?


You’re right to be stressed. A Walt Disney World vacation is a big undertaking and getting things just right can be hard. It brings a lot of problems and frustration which leads to making mistakes.


Having the right Travel Agent Partner is ESSENTIAL to creating the PERFECT Vacation.


That’s why I always recommend you use a GOOD Disney World Travel Agency when you are planning a Walt Disney World vacation.


My favorite is Destinations to Travel.


Dad thinks you NEED a Travel Agent for your next WDW vacation.

Your new best friend

Here’s Dad and Shannon riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (that’s Troy, Shannon’s husband in the background)


Let me introduce you to Shannon Bonadurer and her team at Destinations to Travel. They are my Disney Travel agent and I believe they should be yours too.


Your Destinations to Travel Agent will be a GOOD, NO, they will be a GREAT Disney World Travel Agent. They will become your best friend as you start to put together the trip of your dreams and keep you from having nightmares.


They will take all that stress right away. No more sleepless nights. No more waking up before dawn to make reservations. No more worrying about anything. Your vacation is in GREAT hands.


I use them for all my Disney trips. Even though I’ve been a Disney Travel Agent and I know how to plan a Disney Vacation (maybe?) I still like having that partner to help out along the way.

What people are saying…

I’m not the only one that likes Destinations to Travel, I get notes from people all the time who have taken my recommendation to book with them.


Just a couple of days ago, I got a note from Nicole who said "I am very pleased so far with the service we are receiving from Merry (an agent) and I am so happy we took your recommendation to use Destinations To Travel."


And another one from Carla from Perth Australia, "With kind appreciation for putting us in touch with the lovely Merry."


This one came from Marvena on the day after the Free Dining promotion was announced – Thanks for recommending Destinations Travel – we are checking in Oct 1 – Coronado Springs – king room – free dining! No sitting on the phone for hours. So cool. You rock.


One more from Cindy, "Booked my reservation with Stacy! She is awesome!!!!!"


OK, I’ve got to share one more from Natalie, "I’m VERY pleased with her help so far! I didn’t expect her to be so quick to reply to emails for sure, but she also saved me a bit more money than if I had booked the exact same trip on my own!! I’m usually a do-it-yourself kind of person, but I’m very glad I decided to go through her!"


You can see a bunch more of these over in the right hand column of this page.


Like I said, I get these all the time. The agents at Destinations to Travel are, in the immortal words of Tina Turner, "simply the best!" (I love that song.)

About Destinations to Travel

The Destinations to Travel Team hard at "work"


Destinations to Travel is a full service travel agency located in Millington Michigan. Shannon and Troy Bonadurer (in the back of the picture above) are the owners. Shannon worked at Disney in their Fairytale Weddings department.


Shannon and Troy have gathered a a team of agents who love Walt Disney World and love helping others plan a magical Disney vacation.

It’s all about service

Destinations in Travel is all about service to you. It’s just what they do. Their motto is pretty cool. Check it out –

“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”
– Walt Disney

That’s the kind of service you can expect when you book your Perfect Vacation with Destinations to Travel.

How does this work?

Here’s how it all works. At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a form to fill out. It’s a pretty simple form that will give Destinations to Travel the details they need to start working on your trip.

In an couple of hours, depending on the time of day, you’ll get a message from one of the Disney Travel Specialists and together you will start working on your trip.


You will work together and when everything is all settled it will be time to make the deposit. Then the fun begins. You will be "GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!" and we’ll all start celebrating together. (More on that later.)

Award Winning

In 2016 Destinations to Travel was awarded the Disney Ear Mark Top Sales Award from Disney EarMarked Program (travel agencies certified by Disney).


Destinations to Travel has grown to one of the biggest (and best) travel agencies in the Disney Earmarked Program. We’re pretty proud of that.

What to expect

Next, your agent will get to work. Here’s what they will do.

  • A Good Friend – first and foremost, they are going to be your friend, your advocate, your partner, your stress reliever as together you work through the planning phase of your trip.
  • Discounts – they monitor your reservation to be sure that if a new discount comes out they will check your reservation to see if you can get a better deal. You don’t have to worry.
  • ADR’s -they will work with you on your Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR) and even make them for you!!!! No more getting up before the crack of dawn to call Disney in hopes of landing that special reservation. They do it for you.
  • Itinerary planning – everyone, even Dad, needs help planning an itinerary. It’s really easy to make mistakes or overlook things.

Basically, you can expect a friendly, helping hand all the way through and even after you get back home.

Frequently Asked Questions

I asked Shannon, the owner of Destinations to Travel what questions they get asked. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about their services.

  • Does your service cost extra? Not at all. Disney pays us directly for helping plan your trip. We don’t charge you anything extra for our services.
  • We’ve already booked with Disney, can we still get your services? Absolutely. We can transfer your reservation over to one of our great Disney Travel Specialists. You’ll be eligible for all of our services.
  • But it costs more, doesn’t it? Not at all. Disney is very strict about discounting vacation packages. If you get a Disney Vacation Package it will cost the same no matter where you buy it as long as the same items are in the package.

Authorized Disney Vacation Planner

Destinations to Travel is one of a handful of agencies that have been selected by Disney to become Authorized Disney Vacation Planners. The agents all go through special training created by Disney.


This also means they have a special relationship with Disney. They have contacts at Disney whose job it is to deal with unusual situations. That comes in really handy when things don’t go exactly right. (It happens even at Disney.)


Only a small fraction of travel agencies get to be Authorized Disney Vacation Planners. It’s quite an honor.


Did you notice what Shannon said? Their services are absolutely and totally FREE.


As in no cost!


Disney actually pays them commission for booking your trip. So essentially Disney is paying them to help you! How cool is that?

Some Gifts


One of the things I like best about Shannon and Troy is they love to share. They have a very giving spirit.


As and Authorized Disney Travel Agent, they have some "Disney gifts" they can give to guests. Shannon loves sharing these "gifts". You can see a few of the regular gifts in the picture above.


If you book your trip with Destinations to Travel, guess what? You get a GIFT!!!! That’s so cool!

A "bribe" from Dad


Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I’m going to "bribe" you to book your vacation now with Destinations to Travel.


Book now (yes, before FREE DINING is announced) and I’ll give you not one, but two gifts I think you’ll love.


  • Gift #1 – a One Year Subscription to WDW Magazine
  • Gift#2* – either The Best of WDW – Volume 1 or the 2017 Cinderella Castle Wall Calendar


That’s a "bribe" worth over $75.


So what are you waiting for? Just fill out the form and before you know it all the PERFECT Vacation will be just around the corner.


Trust Me!


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