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Dealing with the “WDW Crisis of the Week”

by Dad
(The Office)

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Hi. Dad here with Dad’s Tip of the Week. This week, I want to talk about the “WDW Crisis of the Week”.

It hit me last week, but it just seems like there’s always a different crisis every week. When is Free Dining going to come out? When are the Candlelight Processional narrators going to be announced? What stroller should I take to Disney World? Which shoes should I wear? When can I make my dining reservations? Can I get Be Our Guest at lunch? I can’t. I’m at 180 days. How am I going to get 190 days? How does that work?

It just seems every week there’s a new WDW crisis of the week, and it’s not just on Ask Dad. It’s in all of the blogs. You see a pattern. It’s like somebody starts it and then everybody picks up on it.

It’s pretty easy to fall into that “Crisis of the Week” mentality. Oh, no, what am I going to do today? What have I got to do? This is crazy.

It’s just not that hard. It really isn’t.

Here’s how to deal with the “Crisis of the Week”.

Number one, remember Dad’s One Big Truth.

Dad's One Big Truth - You're Going to Walt Disney World

You’re going to Disney World. It’s going to be Fun. It’s going to be Simple. It is Magic.

Going to Disney World is Simple. When will, whatever, Free Dining, the Candlelight Processional moderators, the 2018 packages, when will they be announced? Whenever Disney announces them. It’s just that easy. Disney does it whenever they want to. Getting all upset about it, getting all worked up about it is not going to make it happen.

I had this problem over the last month and a half. We’ve been trying to book a Rivers of Light Dining Package for our trip in October, and the dates just hadn’t been announced. It’s frustrating, but you just keep trying.

You just keep swimming, swimming. You just keep going on. It’ll happen when it happens. It’s not something to get worked up about. It’s Simple. It really is. Planning a Disney vacation is Simple. Step by step.

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning

When my book, Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Disney World Planning, comes out here in August, we’ll have that all for you, the step-by-step guide. I talk about it all the time. It’s just step by step. It’s Simple. It’s going to be Fun. You’re going to Disney World. That’s Magic.

The way to deal with the “WDW Crisis of the Week” is not to play along. Have fun. Forget about the “Crisis of the Week”. Relax. It’ll be okay.

All right. That’s Dad’s Tip of the Week. We’ll see you next week. Bye-bye.


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