Dad’s Favorite Walt Disney World Restaurants

Need some help deciding where to dine on your next Disney vacation? Dad is sharing his favorite Walt Disney World restaurants. Yes, Dad’s going to give his favorites, but be sure to stick around and share your favorites or just disagree with Dad (never happens, Dad’s always right).

As a bonus, if you don’t agree with Dad, or if you just want to tell us about your favorite restaurants, fill in the form below so we can all see what you think. (But be careful, this is a family site.)

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few restaurants that Dad likes, but for some reason or another, they don’t make the top 5.

  • Casey’s Corner – This used to be our first stop in the Magic Kingdom and probably should be #2 on the list, but … A few years ago Disney went on a health kick and started serving wheat buns at Casey’s. Wrong! I’ve heard that you can ask for a white bun, but haven’t got a chance to check it out. So for now, Casey’s is on the honorable mention list.
  • Chef Mickey’s – I’m a sucker for descent buffets and at least for breakfast, Chef Mickey’s is a descent buffet. Dinner looks good and gets good reviews, we’ll probably have to give it a try.
  • Sci Fi Dine In – If for no other reason, Dad has to include this one for the horror movies. What a great concept. Stick to the burgers and shakes.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Disney has changed some of the Walt Disney World Restaurants through the years. We miss some of them.

  • Odyssey – It’s the ugly building in EPCOT between Test Track and Mexico. It used to be a restaurant (Disney opens it occasionally). I don’t remember anything here but the German Chocolate Cake. But I’ll never forget that cake.
  • Le Alfredo’s Ristorante – The people that originated Alfredo sauce really new how to make Alfredo sauce.
  • The old food court at the Land – The new Sunshine Seasons Food Fair is not as good as the old place.

Dad’s 5 Favorite Restaurants at Walt Disney World

Here are Dad’s top 5 all time favorite Walt Disney World Restaurants in order. I think you’ll be surprised by one or two.

  • #5 – Everything Pop – For breakfast only. The omelets at Everything Pop are fresh, filling and downright really good. Other breakfast items are good to really good. Lunch and dinner are another story …
  • #4 – Teppan Edo – Our family loves teppan style food, and Teppan Edo is our favorite place to eat teppan cooked food.
  • #3 – Yorkshire County Fish Shop – We discovered this little gem on our last trip. It’s become our favorite lunch place in EPCOT.
  • #2 – Cinderella’s Royal Table – Yes, it’s hard to get reservations for Cindy’s, but boy is it worth it. Cinderella’s Royal Table is a great meal, and a great adventure. Makes you want to put on a suit of armor and be a knight (that is unless your a Princess).
  • #1 – ‘Ohana – Dad loves ‘Ohana. Yeah, sometimes the food isn’t great, and sometimes service is spotty … but the games are fun and the food is bountiful. I just love this place. (Might be because I’m a committed carnivore and really like meat in large quantities.) The dessert … to die for.

You might disagree (highly unlikely) with Dad’s choices, or you might have some favorites of your own. Here’s your chance. Instead of yelling at the computer. Tell Dad what you think of him and his list …