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Dad’s and Disney World – Cell Phones and WDW


by Dad

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I was inspired and just had to write something today about Dad’s and Disney World. Let’s get started.


Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian Village Resort

I got a Dole Whip at Pineapple Lanai – Photo by Andy Sanchez


Last Thursday, I popped into Walt Disney World for a couple of hours. OK, not a shock, but it was kind of unusual since I live in Oklahoma. I was in Orlando working on my latest project. I finished up my day early and had a couple hours until I had to go to the airport so I decided to pop over to WDW for a little “research”. I got a Dole Whip and sat in the Polynesian Lobby for “research”. Lol. Have I ever said how much I love my job?


After I got through with the Dole Whip, I decided to hop on the monorail for a lap or two on my favorite ride. Can you say #bestdayever. I was having a great time on the ride. I was sitting in the front section. People came and went, but just before I got off this beautiful family got on.


A Disney monorail passing over a Disney bus

Two in one. Dad took a ride on both the Monorail and the Bus – Photo by Brett Svenson


The family was precious. Dad, Mom and 2 beautiful little girls and Grandma. These little girls looked to be about 7 and 3 ish. They were both wearing Snow White costumes and had a kiss on their foreheads. (I’m not sure but it looked like Mom’s lipsticks.)


Little (the little girl) was obviously tired and wanted Mom to hold her. Not at all unusual it was late afternoon and probably nap time. As soon as Mom picked Little up she snuggled in, stuck the thumb in the mouth and started to go to sleep.


But before all that happened, Little had snuggled up next to Mom and Big started throwing a fit. She was sitting by Dad (not me Dad, but her Dad), but that obviously wasn’t going to do. If Little was going to sit by Mom then Big was too. (Yes, sisters do get jealous of each other.)


Big started yelling, “I want to sit by Momma, I want to sit by Momma.” Dad tried grabbing, I mean snuggling up with her to no avail. Finally, Mom was able to get Little on her lap and gently pulled Big over next to her. All was right with the world.


But wait. As the old movie said, “but that’s not important right now.”


As soon as Big settled in and got quiet IT happened. Bad Dad showed up.


As soon as Mom showed how much girls like Mom, Dad did what I think is the worst thing ever. OK, maybe not the worst, but it’s right up there. Dad pulled out his phone and started “praying” to it. You know, head down and fully engaged with his phone and ignoring his family.


I just wanted to go over and shake the guy. Hey buddy, you are here at Disney World with your beautiful family. Your daughters are tired and could use some attention from their Daddy and what are you doing? Playing with your CELL PHONE! Bad Dad! Bad!!!


OK, before I go any farther, let me confess, I was “that guy” on the monorail with my ear buds in my ears, checking my Facebook and email every 3 or 4 minutes. But I was by myself. So it was OK. But…


Disclaimer: I have been known to ignore my family at times on vacation. Not very often but it has happened and I’m sorry it did. So I want to warn us guys to be careful to not neglect our families. A vacation is THE time to unplug and enjoy, especially a vacation at Walt Disney World. No, you’re not that important. You are on vacation. Stop. Pay attention to the most important thing in your life.



OK, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…


I will say that as soon as the monorail stopped, the Dad went over and very gently picked up Little and carried off the monorail without any prompting and the whole time Mom wasn’t giving Dad the death stare, so it probably wasn’t as big deal as I thought, but it’s just a symptom of our addiction to our smart phones. Not good.


And now for the “rest of the story”.


But the #bestdayever continued. I had parked at Disney Springs so I had to grab a bus and head back. While I was waiting for the bus, I started talking to another beautiful family. Dad, Mom and an active little guy who probably just turned 4 and a little girl who was a little older (5 or 6) and 2 strollers. This Dad was cool. They lived in the town Mrs. Mom grew up in, so we had something to talk about.


We got on the bus. I hopped to the back to leave room for everyone getting on. A minute or two here came family 2. They sat right across for me. It was one of those sections where the two seats faced each other. There wasn’t room for all 4 of them plus the strollers so they ended up sitting with Dad, the strollers and the kids. Mom sat in the seat in front of them.


Interesting. Kids with Dad, Mom alone. I’m going to have to pay attention.


They were coming from the hotel and going to Disney Springs, so nap time was obviously over, because the kids were wired. The boy was all boy. He was focused on dinosaurs and Star Wars and he was all chatter. Dad, what did the dinosaurs look like? Dad where did dinosaurs come from? Are we going to see Star Wars at the Lego Store? Will Chewbacca be there? On and on and on. Dad patiently answered every question. He smiled and was totally engaged.


Mom kept looking back and smiling. You could tell she was truly proud.


Then IT happened. I saw Dad reach down in his pocket and pull out his cell phone. Now I’ve got you, I thought. You are just like all the others. I had such high hope for you. Here you go, secretly texting your girlfriend back home you cad…


But I was wrong. Dad pulled out his cell phone and took a picture of the kids. HE TOOK A PICTURE OF THE KIDS, checked the picture and put the phone back in his pocket.


Can you say, Dad of the Year!!!! What a great guy! That’s the way we should be guys!


Dad’s Bottom Line


Hey guys! Pay attention! Your family is the NUMBER 1 thing in your life. Pay attention to them. Nothing is more important than your family. Nothing. (Yes, Mrs. Mom, I’m talking to myself too.) There is nothing on your cell phone that’s more important than your beautiful little girls who are watching every move you make.


Make Dad proud!

disney world parks

disney world parks


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disney hotels


the fire pit at 'Ohana



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Jun 30, 2016 Cell phones at WDW on ride
by: Anonymous Had a great time at extra magic hours at Magic Kingdom last night. Was amazed when we went on Haunted Mansion and there was a women in car behind us staring at her phone the whole ride, why go on a ride if you don’t want to see the attraction!

Jun 28, 2016 texting at WDW
by: Anonymous Love, Love, Love WDW. I was there 3 weeks ago with my daughter and two grandchildren. I was amazed how SO many people walked around texting on their phones. Can’t tell you how many times I had to avoid texting “walkers”! I joked that the next sign WDW needs is ” No walking and texting at the same time”.

People…You are WDW. Put the @#$$ phones down and enjoy yourself. If you are checking wait times, at least step out of the flow of traffic!

Mar 15, 2016 Phones are great for family games…
by: PapaJohn Our phones only come out in the lines, to check schedules and such, or for pictures. But last time we were at Disneyland a group of 20-somethings introduced us to a great phone game called heads-up that helped us pass the time waiting in lines.

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