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Walt Disney World – The PERFECT Vacation Starts HERE!

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World? Need some help? It’s OK, everyone needs help when planning a trip to “The most magical place on earth.”  Guess what? Dad can help!


Going to Disney World? Dad can help!
Going to Disney World? Dad can help! Photo by Cliff Wang

Are you going to Walt Disney World? Dad can help!

What are you waiting for?  Start exploring Dad’s site… and planning that Perfect Vacation you and your family deserve!

Who is this Dad guy? Glad you asked!


I started back in 2008 to help people get ready for a Walt Disney World vacation. That’s still my mission today.


In Dad’s Guide, I cover everything from where to eat to what the crowds will be like every day of the year. I have pages for every park, every hotel, almost every ride, most of the restaurants, and lots more.


If you need to know it I’ve probably talked about it.


Got a question? Ask Dad!