Cookes of Dublin


If you’re on a carriage ride with Shamus (from Mary Poppins Returns) in the Disney Springs area, take him to Cookes of Dublin. This is a quick service restaurant with an Irish flair!

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Sit inside or outside while you enjoy your food at Cookes of Dublin. Photo by Courtney Reynolds


While Raglan Road get a lot of the hype, Cookes of Dublin is a neat little restaurant specializing in Irish food. Quick service is becoming more than just burgers and fries, Disney is really giving us a lot of options.

Cookes of Dublin

All of the references I want to make are from Scotland. Merida, The Ballad of Nessie, not Irish! We need more Irish Disney characters! If you feel the same way, you’ll want to head over to Cookes of Dublin, people say it’s pretty special.



Get some typical Irish fare at Cookes of Dublin! Photo by Courtney Reynolds


What to Expect

If you start your morning with a bowl of Lucky Charms and say “top o’ the morning to ya,” to everyone you see, this place is definitely for you!


Cookes of Dublin is a quick service restaurant and it’s pretty small. If you show up during peak meal times, I doubt you’ll get a table inside. There really isn’t much room. Luckily, and being a Irish place they probably have a lot of luck, there is seating outside under umbrellas.


The menu is different than your typical quick service place. Irish food: fish and chips, Irish meat pies, and other options can be found. Don’t worry, even picky eaters can find something here as there are chicken tenders and cheeseburger options!


Since this restaurant is small, there isn’t a lot of theming to be done, but there is a lot of green in this place. Also, there are family photos on the walls that give it an authentic, hole-in-the-wall, type vibe.



Try a cookie for dessert. Photo by Courtney Reynolds



Cookes of Dublin is in The Landing section and located right next to Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant. If you come from Town Center and cross the bridge by Sprinkles, it’ll be on the right!



Check out their menu before you head in! Photo by Courtney Reynolds


Lunch & Dinner

Lunch and Dinner are the same at Cookes of Dublin. If you’re feeling lucky, check out the menu.


Advanced Dining Reservations

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to eat here, this is a quick service restaurant so ADRs are not required or available.

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The Disney Dining Plan

Just take one gold coin from your pot of gold, I mean, it’ll cost you one quick service credit on the DDP.

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Check out the extra refreshments at The Hole in the Wall next door. Photo by Courtney Reynolds


Extra Fun

Does scheduling a trip to this Ireland eatery sound great to you? Do you love planning but need a little help staying organized? The kind folks at Get Down to Disness can help you with that! For all things planning, check them out!


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Dad’s Bottom Line

This is one unique place! If you’re in the mood for some Irish grub that doesn’t require a reservation, it’s your lucky day! Cookes of Dublin fits the bill!