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Christmas decorations go up when?

Mrs. Mom is a bit of a traditionalist. For example, at our house, it doesn’t matter when dear ole’ Dad gets the Christmas decorations up, they can’t be turned on until December 1. (Yes, Dear, I cheat.) So when we saw the proposed date for the start of this years Walt Disney World Christmas decorations, Mrs. Mom just shook her head.

Snowball Fight

Dad, being ever so helpful, even offered to take Mrs. Mom to Disney World in November, but she said, “it just wouldn’t be right.” (Along with about 100 other very practical reasons why we couldn’t go.)

That being said, Dad wants to put in his two cents …


Hey, Disney, Dad here, again,

Thanksgiving is a uniquely American holiday and deserves a little respect. I know, all the stores start putting out the Christmas decorations in June (or so it seems), but can’t we at least go back to the days when the Christmas decorations came out the day after Thanksgiving?

Well, since I’m not going to change your mind anytime soon …

“let it snow, let it snow, let it snow …”


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  1. Hey, Dad – I understand you. Walt Disney World is no stranger to Christmas creep. Having written in the Internet for quite a while, I’m used to all that bullpoop. In fact, I wrote something on HubPages regarding Christmas at Walt Disney World in July.

    So stop worrying too much.

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