Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama

Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama is a unique area of Animal Kingdom. There is nothing like this in any of the other DIsney World parks. It’s designed to look like a midway of a state fair. There are a couple of great rides (or if you’re like Dad great rides to miss) and some interesting midway games. There is also a trailer in the back that sells drinks and some food.

This part of Animal Kingdom is a “primeval” amusement park. It has a roller coaster, a spinning ride, some midway games and even a concession stand.


Chester and Hester’s Dino Rama is part of Dinoland USA and is located between Dinosaur and Finding Nemo the Musical. It’s across from the Boneyard and Restaurantosaurus.

What’s at Chester and Hester’s Dino-Rama

The Midway: Fossil Fun Games

All good carnivals or midways should have games of skill or games of athleticism. Both are here in Fossil Fun and Games. The hook is all the games have a dinosaur theme like Dino-Whamma, which is the hit with the mallet strength game. Here’s a list of the games:

  • Fossil Fueler: Squirt gun game
  • Mammoth Marathon: Horse race game
  • Bronto Score: Basketball toss
  • Whac-A-Packycephalosaur: A whack a dinosaur game

There is an extra charge for these games. Let me repeat that, there is an extra charge for these games.

Triceratops Spin

This is a dinosaur-themed version of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. You and three friends are stuffed into a dinosaur and go round and round, up and down. There is a joy stick in both the front and back of each dino. The front joystick controls the pitch, and the back joystick controls the height.

Like Dumbo, this is a very short ride with a very long line.

Triceratops Spin Ride Information Table

Triceratops Spin

Description: Dumbo type ride
Height Requirement – none Genie+: No Length of Ride: 1 minute
Type of Ride: Carnival ride

Dad’s Ratings

3 3 2 1 1
Other Information: * If you suffer from motion sickness this ride will make you uncomfortable

The Dino Diner

The Dino Diner is not a gourmet restaurant from long ago, but a midway food trailer that serves hot dogs, popcorn, chips and drinks. It’s a very convenient place to grab a cold drink while the family rides those rides that go round and round.