Find the Cheapest Disney Tickets

Hey Dad… How do I find the cheapest Disney tickets?  There are lots of places that will sell you Walt Disney World’s Magic Your Way tickets cheap. Some places that try to sell you Disney World discount tickets are complete scams. You’ll want to avoid them. To find the cheapest Disney tickets you have to do a little shopping, or as Dad likes to call it, research. (Dad hates shopping.) Yes, guys shopping is OK when it’s Disney shopping.

Where to buy

When you’re looking for the cheapest Disney Tickets, there are lots of places that will sell you tickets. Some are cheaper than others but not by much. Disney doesn’t allow discounting and doesn’t pay enough commission to sellers for anyone to discount too much.

Reputable ticket sellers

Here is the broker Dad recommends when it comes to tickets. Caution: when you buy, make sure you are dealing with established ticket brokers. Believe it or not, there are people out there who just want to take your money.


Most people buy their tickets from Disney. That’s natural and sometimes even wise. Sometimes you even get free days added to your tickets when you buy a promotional package – but lately, Disney’s discounts have been on hotels and dining, and not tickets.

Where Not to Buy

You must be careful when you buy tickets. Lots of people want to take your money. Dad has gotten reports of scams that seem like a real good deal. Remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you do a little shopping (research) you’ll find prices don’t vary much. (Disney doesn’t allow discount pricing, and doesn’t have sales on tickets.) Please use a reputable vendor for buying Disney World tickets. (Yes, that includes Dad.) Lots of people have been ripped off. Dad got a question about a website called “All World Ticketing”. They are out to rip you off.