Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

Disney's Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter, main building exterior

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter is as close to New Orleans as you can get in Florida. The balconies street lamps, railings, hedges all make you think of the Crescent city, but don’t worry, this is just a representation of the French Quarter. No beads exchanges here. You can almost smell the Cajun […]

Port Orleans Riverside

Once upon a time, the Port Orleans Riverside was called the Dixie Landings. It was a quieter time in a faraway place. (Hey, isn’t that how all good stories start?)The Port Orleans Resort is divided into two sections; the Riverside section is the main section. Most of the rooms and resort activities are centered here. […]

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort : Riverside and French Quarter

Disney's Port Orleans Resort, riverside exterior

Feel the tranquility of the Louisiana Bayou as you walk around the Sassagoula River. Grab a bite to eat in the beautiful Riverside Mill and watch time flow by. The beauty of the South is alive in the heart of Disney World. Disney’s Port Orleans Resort is really two hotels in one. Really. The Riverside […]