Best day to check-in to Walt Disney World

What is the best day to check-in at Walt Disney World? That’s a good question with a really easy answer.

The Best Day to check-in to Walt Disney World at the Contemporary Resort

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What prompted this question? I got a note from another Disney web guy named David asking me to comment on his pages about when to visit Disney World. One of the things he says in the note is he recommends guests stay 8 nights and check in on Saturday. That immediately set of bells in my head and it got me to thinking about what is the best day to check-in to Walt Disney World for a vacation of any length?

Dad’s Best Time to Visit Disney World page

First let me say, if you stay exactly 7 nights, or any multiple thereof, as a general rule, it doesn’t matter what day you check-in. (This could be affected by higher priced days during holiday or busy periods.) But, if your stay is of any other length you’ll want to be careful about the date you check-in.

Hey Dad, why Sunday night?

The first reason for Sunday night is Disney charges a “premium” for staying on Friday and Saturday nights. The extra is $10.00 per night at the Value Resorts for the slow seasons and $15.00 per night during the busy season. The Moderates is $15.00 per night in the slow times and $20.00 per night during busier times (busier times is any holiday, summer and just about any other time Disney decides to get some extra revenue.) In the Deluxe Resorts it can be up to $120.00 per night extra.

So, if your vacation is going to be 5 nights (the average stay at Walt Disney World) and you check-in on Sunday night, you will avoid the weekend penalty. Now, if you are staying 8 nights, like David suggests,  you pay for three weekend nights. If you were to check-in on Sunday night, as Dad so correctly recommends, you would only pay for 2 weekend nights.

The second reason for checking in on Sunday is traveling on Sunday. For a solid year, Dad traveled around the country for his job. I flew over 200,000 miles. I was in a bunch of airports. Let me tell you, the absolute best time to travel is Sunday. The airports are empty. The planes are empty (or at least emptier than during the week). The roads are empty.  It’s just easier to get around on Sunday.

Yes, I know, it’s not always practical to check-in on Sunday. And I’m sure when word gets out that Dad recommends checking in on Sunday that it will become the busiest day at Disney World and Disney will up the price on Sundays but until then, Sunday is the best day to check in at Disney World.

Trust me.

If you want to make your Disney World reservation check out Dad’s Pixie and Pirate Destinations page. They’ll help you figure out the best day to check-in to Walt Disney World for your family to create the Perfect Walt Disney World Vacation.

Dad’s Pixie and Pirate Destinations page

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    Oh, yeah I just remembered, there is one more reason to check-in on Sunday.

    Most of Disney’s Discounts start on Sunday and end on Thursday (especially lately) so if you arrive on Saturday, you won’t be eligible for a discount (like Free Dining).

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  3. Nice tip… I haven’t seen it before… The thing is that for us (in Argentina) to arrive on Sunday, and travel through the night for the kids, we have to take the plane on Saturday… we’ll see how it works out… I’ve a lot of time already to plan and unplan… 🙂

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