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Are the crowds at WDW in the fall going to be crazy?

by Dad
(The Office)

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I’m starting to hear some things that make me think that the crowds at WDW during the fall are going to be a little bigger than expected. Maybe even a little CRAZY.

Let me explain.

Disney Vacation Club not available

Even Old Key West will be busy

Even the Old Key West Resort was booked – Photo by Andy Sanchez

Sunday night, I was sitting around at church when one of my church Disney friends came up and tapped me on the shoulder. Do you know what’s happening at Disney World this fall? Um, yeah. I’m pretty sure I have a handle on things.

He went on to tell me that he couldn’t get a room at a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Resort for the fall. OK, I’ve heard that a lot of rooms are filled up in October parts of November and December but, can’t get a room. Really?

Yes, no rooms at all. September through December. Not a single room.

Right, I thought, which resort are you looking at? The Bungalows? Those are always full.

No, ALL OF THEM!!!! Every DVC Resort is full!

Yes, he said all of the DVC Resorts were full for the whole fall. He had called DVC and wanted to book a full week at one of the DVC Resorts anytime between September and December and they told him there was nothing available. NOTHING!

Oh, there was a day or two available here and there, but not a single full week. The whole fall!

Mmmm, maybe the fall is going to be a little busier than I thought.

Dad’s Crowds at Disney World page

Not just the DVC Resorts

Goofy and a Surf Board at he Pop Century

The Pop Century is pretty well booked up too – Photo by Rich Ramos

And it’s not just the DVC Resorts. The regular Disney Resorts are pretty well filled up too. Most of the busy weeks it’s hard to find a Standard room and sometimes hard to find a room at all.

The Value Resorts are pretty well filled up for most of the fall and in the Moderates, it’s hard to find rooms there too.

Yes, a lot of that is due to rooms being taken out of service for refurbishment or under some pretty major construction. The Art of Animation is the only Value Resort not undergoing refurbishment (although the Pop should be done any day). The Caribbean Beach and the Coronado Springs Resorts are both under major construction and refurbishment.

A whole lot of rooms at the regular Resorts are not available right now, but still finding a room during the fall is getting pretty hard. (I’ve talked about this for a while.)

Mmmm, maybe the fall is going to be busier than I thought.

Dad’s Disney Resorts page


Slinky Dog Dash might be the problem

Blame it on… – Photo by Brett Svenson

You might be asking, hey Dad, any idea why this is happening?


Pigment with a Megaphone

Wanna share?

Hey Pigment, sure I’ll share.

What Disney told my friend, and I think it’s as good of an explanation as any is a lot of people decided to go see Toy Story Land in the fall. They made their reservations early for when they knew all the new stuff would be open and the crowds would have died down.


So it’s all Slinky Dog’s fault

I guess you could say blame it on Slinky Dog. Slinky Dog Dash is sure a fun ride.

Dad’s Slinky Dog Dash page

So we’re doomed?

Main Street at the Magic Kingdom with no crowds

Probably won’t see Main Street like this – Photo by Brett Svenson

So Dad, are we doomed? If all the Disney Hotels are full is the fall at WDW just going to be crazy?

Not so fast Pigment.

Just because all the Disney Resorts are full, it doesn’t mean the parks will be. It’s a good indicator, but it’s not a given.

Last year this came up and I wrote about how the Disney Resorts don’t fill the parks. Even if every room is full.

Dad’s Will Crowds be out of control if the Disney Hotels are full page

Yes, it’s very likely that the fall will be busy, but I still think there will be some slow times.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is yes, I think the fall is going to be busier than normal. October may be nuts. September will still be light crowds, but the rest of the fall could be a little crazy.

Blame it on the Slinky!


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Comments for

Aug 24, 2018 availability is here
by: jerad

FYI – I just looked on Disney’s site, and there’s plenty of availability throughout October, and many rooms are even showing up under their “Magical Holidays Room Offer”. Maybe they were holding back rooms outside of 60 days. ???

Aug 07, 2018 Labor Day Week 2017?
by: Ed

@ Abby,

Just a little insight for future planning as I love going in September due to the low crowds and while hot it’s certainly not July hot.

You stated that you left on September 8th which was a Friday last year. Monday the 4th would have been Labor Day.

It’s possible you ran into crowd issues due to going on the same week as a major holiday here in the US (don’t know if you’re visiting from out of the country or not) as with any major holiday, of course the crowds are going to be worse. Just look at Dad’s crowd calendars to see that.

As far as the weather goes, it’s unpredictable at best. Florida is HOT HOT HOT the majority of the year. I’ve been in September multiple times and can say I’ve seen it both hot and cool. I’ve also been in November with the same results. Yes there are weather trends you can follow but that’s never a guarantee.

Hope this helps with future plans!

Aug 03, 2018 no rooms
by: Louise

I believe the lack of rooms has to do with all the major construction that’s going on. They are calling it “refurbishing”. Folks that normally stay at some of these construction sites are booking elsewhere. I originally was going to stay at Coronado; however, after looking closer, it was going to be a huge mess when i’m going. I’m now in a cabin.

Just my 2 cents.


Jul 24, 2018 September 2017 was very, very, very busy!
by: Abby

Our family was at Disney’s Yacht Club the first week in September in the parks until the 8th when we left early due to Irma! The parks were very hot and extremely busy, busy, busy until the 8th. I personally will never go in September again and 2010, 2014 we were there same exact dates and oh boy how things have changed.

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