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Wilderness Explorer

Animal Guides and Wilderness Explorers coming to Animal Kingdom

Hey Y’all! Prince Charming really enjoyed going to Animal Kingdom on our honeymoon. He loves animal and let’s be serious who does not? They are so cute and full of adventure. Animal Kingdom is adding two new additions to make exploring Animal Kingdom even more fun.

Wilderness Explorer

The Wilderness Explorer logo

First, Animal Kingdom will be offer Animal Guides to help you identify animals as you search through the different attractions. These Animal Guides are similar to the times guide you can pick up as you enter the park. In fact they will be displayed right beside the times guide. This will make for a great free take home souvenir to put in your memory box.

The simple two sided lightweight page is broken down in the sections of Animal Kingdom. In each section is a list of animals that can be found. There is also a small icon by each of the animal names to help identify the animals. They have made this super easy and fun!

While searching for animals if you cannot locate the one you are trying to find just ask cast members in a green shirt. Their job is to help guests find the animals. You can turn this Animal Guide into a game by seeing who can find the most in a day or who can be the first one to find a particular animal in a certain section of Animal Kingdom.

The second thing Animal Kingdom is bringing in this year is Wilderness Explorers. This new attraction is debuting sometime this spring. Wilderness Explorers is based off the Disney Pixar movie UP. If I remember right the young boy in the movie was a Wilderness Explorer. This version of Wilderness Explorers will allow guest to interact with items in Animal Kingdom.

Wilderness Adventures will let you explore the whole park using guides to identify creatures. This new attraction will also let users’ complete challenges and earn badges. There are over 30 badges that you can earn. I am sure this new adventure will be a hit with kids visting Animal Kingdom.

The addition of these two new initiatives is sure to make Animal Kingdom even more fun. Animal Kingdom was already a great place to visit. What do you think of these two new adventures? Share your thoughts and opinions below.

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