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7 Stunning Animal Kingdom Pictures

As we come to the end of our The Best of WDW – Volume 1 Kickstarter program, we don’t want to forget about Animal Kingdom in our 7 stunning pictures series. Check these out.

#7 – Mother and Child

Ahhh, Mom and Baby - Mike Billick

Ahhh, Mom and Baby – Mike Billick

Kilimanjaro Safari is my favorite way to start the day in Animal Kingdom. It’s always our first ride of the day. One of the real treats is to see a baby with Mom or Dad.

Mike did a great job of capturing a Mom and baby elephant playing. What a great way to start the day.

Nice Mike.

#6 – Morning over Chester and Hester’s

Fossil Fueler- matthew

Want to play a game – Photo by Matthew Cooper

I love the playfulness of Chester and Hester’s Dinorama. That’s about all I like about Chester and Hester’s. The rides make me sick to just look at. I can’t ride any of them. But, I still love the colors and the games. It’s just a cool place to hang out.

The colors in this area are vibrant and cool. I love the oranges, reds and blues that make it so inviting.
Good colors Matthew.

#5 – Duuuddddeeee


Dude – Photo by WDWOW

OK, I’m a pretty big fan of good music. I love to sing and I love to listen to singing. So…? Yes, I really like Finding Nemo: The Musical. It’s good music.

The first time I watch Nemo, I was sick and slept through the show. What can I say? Bad Dad. But the last time we went it was awesome. I sang right along. “In a big blue world…” (Dad sings really good.)

You’ve got me singing Judd. Thanks.

#4 – Someone’s about to get wet


Time to get wet – Photo by Daily Disney Snapshots

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of water rides. We tend to go to WDW in December and usually it’s too cold to ride Kali River Rapids, at least for this Dad.

But again the colors are pretty neat on Kali, and squirting water at people in boats always sounds fun. It does look cooling since it’s 95 degrees today.

Cooling me off, thanks Cliff.

#3 – What goes up


Something bad is about to happen – Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Expedition Everest is one of my favorite love/hate relationship rides. The first time Mrs. Mom and I rode it together she squeezed my arm almost off and yelled at me she never wanted to ride it again. That was until we got off the ride, where she promptly asked if we could do it again.  Love/hate.

Everest is really thrilling and I think Brett captured the best part. The first ascent when you go up and you have no idea what’s about to happen. Off into the sun we go…

Thrilling shot Brett.

#2 – Dance, Dance, Dance


Time to dance – Photo by Pics from the World of Disney

Harambe is getting to be a happening place. The entertainment is pretty special in Harambe. I think Laurie caught the spirit of Harambe in this picture. The celebration of life in the dance. Just look at the times on the faces.

Can’t you just feel the beat? Who’s ready to dance?

Great picture Laurie!

#1 – The sun goes down over the Savannah

How about a nice sunset over Harambe - Photo by WDW Shutterbug

How about a nice sunset over Harambe – Photo by WDW Shutterbug

Doesn’t this picture just look serene? Can’t you just imagine yourself sitting and watching the sun go down of the Legends of the Lion King? I just love all the little details that Disney works into everything they do.

The other thing I love about WDW is how they use water. The water here isn’t for transportation, but it helps the visuals. Just look at the lake, how it reflects the buildings. It’s just beautiful.

Nice catch Andy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little preview of The Best of WDW – Volume 1. We can’t wait until you get to see the finished product. Be sure to click on the link and support our Kickstarter campaign. There’s only a few hours left.

Thank you!!!

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