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5 Unique Ways to Use You Snack Credits at Animal Kingdom!

Every park at WDW has special snacks that exclusively available there – think about Citrus Swirl at Magic Kingdom, Carrot Cake Cookies at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and School Bread at EPCOT.  Animal Kingdom has more than it’s fair share of specialty treats – and they’re some of the best you can find at WDW.

The fun thing about the unique snacks at Animal Kingdom is that they all have a connection to flora and fauna!  Here are 5 unique ways to use up those snack credits at Animal Kingdom! Don’t worry – you can buy these out of pocket too if you’re not on the Disney Dining Plan!

Nestle Delicious Pineapple Frozen Fruit Bar

Ice cream kiosks in the WDW parks have any assortment of novelty ice cream bars and popsicles, but at the carts you’ll find around Animal Kingdom you can get a very special popsicle made of real pineapple!  It’s similar to the strawberry bars in the other parks, but with a tropical twist!  You can feel good about this healthier cool treat, available for one Snack Credit or $3.75.

Freshly Baked Gourmet Cupcakes

Again, cupcakes at WDW are not unique to Animal Kingdom, but the specialty flavors you’ll find at the Kusafiri Bakery come in a variety of unique flavours and are topped with animal themed chocolates or designs!  Lion cub, elephant, zebra, and cotton-top tamarin are your choices!  These are available for one Snack Credit or $5.19 (making it a great snack credit value!).

Bugs Sundae

If a trek around the Tree of Life and a showing of It’s Tough to Be a Bug have got you hankering for a snack, head over to Discovery Island Ice.  It’s here that you can find a fun sundae-play on the classic dirt-and-worms dessert.  Ice cream is topped with gummy worms and cookie crumbles – Timon and Pumbaa would be proud!  For one Snack Credit or $5.19 you can be parent-of-the-year!

Jungle Juice Slushie

At Harambe Popcorn, you’ll find the most refreshing treat in all of Animal Kingdom!  It’s the Jungle Juice Slushie!  A tropical juice blend that’s all cooled down into a delightful frozen beverage, perfect morning, noon, and night in the Florida heat!  Available for $3.99 or one Snack Credit!

Welcome to Harambe. Photo by Judd Helms.

Welcome to Harambe. Photo by Judd Helms.

Allergy Free Snacks

I’ll admit – this one is a bit of a cheat because I’m recommending a whole snack location instead of one little snack.  But this is important – the Gardens Kiosk features a wide variety of allergen-free snacks, perfect for those who are celiac, vegetarians, vegans, and more!  Many of the items (including blondies, cookies, granola, popcorn, veggies, and hummus) are available for only one snack credit!

What are your favorite snacks in Animal Kingdom?

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