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2017 Walt Disney World Vacation Package Waiting List

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The 2017 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages are just around the corner. Can you believe it? Time is flying.


Are you going to Walt Disney World in 2017?




Dad's Going to WDW in 2017 with his 2017 Walt Disney World Vacation PackageDad’s going to WDW in 2017. Are you?

Dad’s 2017 WDW Vacation Package Wait List

Every year Dad puts together a waiting list for the next year’s packages. It just seems likem the thing to do.


Disney will start taking reservations for the 2017 vacation packages sometime in June. At least that’s always been the pattern.


It’s going to be a mad scramble when Disney does announce the 2017 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages. Why not avoid the scramble, sit back and let Dad and his friends do all hard dirty work.


Join Dad’s Free Dining Waitlist for 2017

Destinations to Travel

Dad has partnered with the best Disney Travel Agent in the business. That’s Dad’s story and he’s stickin’ to it.


Our partners at Destinations to Travel do an incredible job of taking the stress out of planning a WDW vacation and will take great care of you.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Dad’s Cool Stuff

Hey, I’m not above bribing you. Check this out. Dad has a bunch of Cool Stuff he gives out to those who book their trips with Destinations to Travel. Take a look…


Dad's Cool Stuff for booking from the 2017 Walt Disney World Vacation Package Wait list


Dad’s Cool Stuff incluces a one year subscription to WDW Magazine, Dad’s Quice Guide to Savings and some really cool wall paper for your devices.


the gifts from Destinations if you book from Dad's 2017 Walt Disney World Vacation Package Wait list


Not only does Dad have Cool Stuff, but Destinations to Travel has some pretty cool stuff too. they have room gifts (like those above) and may even throw in a Disney Gift Card.


So what are you waiting for?


Click this button to get started!


Join Dad’s Free Dining Waitlist for 2017

Beat the Price Increase

One more thing. Disney will allow you to make Room Only reservations 500 days in advance. That would get you most of 2017. I HIGHLY recommend you go ahead and make one. Today if possible.


We expect major price increases on Disney hotels in just a few weeks. If you make a reservation now and pay the deposit, you will be locked in at the current rate.


Trust me. This will save you a ton!


Join Dad’s Free Dining Waitlist for 2017

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you are going to Walt Disney World in 2017, now is the time to get on Dad’s 2017 Walt Disney World vacation package wait list. Don’t wait. Punch the button and relax.


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