10 steps to a Stress Free Disney World Vacation

Stress Free Vacations. Don’t we all want one? Sure we do, but when have you ever, even at Disney World, been on a totally Stress Free Vacation. (No Mrs. Mom the cruise doesn’t count. We lost the bag that had my jeans and all that other important stuff. That wasn’t stress free.)

Relax in at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Photo by Express Monorail

During Christmas, I ran across a report from the Mayo Clinic (yes, Mr. Dad’s preacher, I’m stealing your stuff). it said there are 10 steps you can take for stress free holidays. That sounded interesting so I downloaded it and looked to see if it worked for vacations. (Yes, Dad is an expert in vacations.) Oddly enough, the same things that create stress during the holidays create stress during a vacation. See the report here.

As we work our way through our year long Perfect Walt Disney World Vacation, we’ll make sure we keep in mind each of these 10 steps.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings – What? Feelings? No guy talks about his feelings, but it is important to understand that feeling overwhelmed, having highs and lows, getting frustrated … all these feelings are normal, natural and happen to most people.
  2. Reach out – Disney World is meant to be shared. You might want to reach out to family members and have them share in your trip.
  3. Be realistic – You can’t see everything in one day. You probably can’t even see everything in the Magic Kingdom in one day. There are 40 attractions and shows in just the Magic Kingdom.
  4. Set aside differences – Dad doesn’t like rides that go round and round. The rest of the family makes fun of Dad when he turns green while they are riding the Carousel. It’s embarrasing. Just know that every one has things that scare them, that they don’t like, that they want to avoid. It’s OK. Accept it (family).
  5. Stick to a budget – Ouch! This one hurts. We will look at budgeting and how to stick to a budget.
  6. Plan ahead – Yes, have a plan. Dad is big on planning especially when it comes to trips to Walt Disney World.  Dad’s a world class planner and will help you design a plan for your perfect vacation.
  7. Learn to say no – Another toughie. Dad doesn’t like to say no, but sometimes (like when Dad wants to stay at the Polynesian but can only afford the Pop Century) you just have too.
  8. Don’t abandon healthy habits – Don’t abandon them and you might even create want to create some healthy habits before you go like getting in shape. One big thing about Disney World is that it’s so big. You’ll walk several miles per day. It’s smart to get in shape and develop healthy habits for the Perfect Vacation.
  9. Take a breather – A Disney World vacation is more like a marathon. The planning, the packing, the traveling and then all the sudden you’re there, walking miles per day, eating at odd hours, staying up late, not resting … it can lead to bad things happening. It’s important to build in time to rest. Napping in the afternoons is underrated.
  10. Seek professional help – You’re off to a good start on this one, but there are other resources that you should check out (like Pixie and Pirate Destinations) that can help you create the best experience you can possibly have.

Over the next few months, as we go step-by-step through everything you need to know we’ll talk about each of these Stress Relieving steps. We’ll work them into everything we talk about.

It’s gonna be fun.